Erica’s Descent

This is the first 4,000 words or so of a really old story. It started out life as an email exchange, and no matter how much I edit it, it still shows in places. The full story ran to about 40,000 words before I realized I didn’t want to go any further. It ended up in some extreme (and occasionally dark) places. The opening few pages are pretty hot though, so as a bit of a blast from the past, I’ve decided to post them here.


Erica was on the bed, tied up, blindfolded. Her hands and feet were fastened to the bed corners using her panties, her bra, and a sheer blouse she’d been wearing earlier, roughly torn in two. The bindings were tight around her wrist and ankles, pressing in hard, but her spread-eagled limbs allowed her enough freedom to writhe and lift her hips in response to Stephen, her lover’s, actions—he was tracing his fingertips over her skin, running them delicately over her breasts and stomach, around her nipples. She could sense every touch, featherlight yet intensely erotic, inflaming her desire. Every movement sent a wave of excitement flooding through her body, but she couldn’t see a thing, and had no idea what was coming next. Her pussy was wet with anticipation, her entire body ached with need.

Stephen ran his fingers down, past her pussy, brushing against the edge of her labia, but not pressing, until he grazed her inner thigh, making her shudder with pent-up frustration. His fingers moved up, through her pubic hair, grazing the soft down covering her pubic mound—not firmly enough to press against the skin, but enough to stoke the fires in her body. With each movement the fingers trailed back and forth along Erica’s slit, not quite pushing in, but as he dragged along her labia, she grew wetter with every passing moment. Soon enough, her pussy lips spread open, allowing his finger to slide inside.

Now his finger moved over and around her clit, still with the agonizingly light touch he’d used up until this point—just enough to set her nerves on fire, to leave her craving more. She was sopping wet, and her urgency increased with every movement he made. She raised her hips off the bed, presenting her dripping wet slit to him, and at the same time, she begged him, using the crude language she knew turned him on, “Please, fill my tight married pussy. I need to feel your big hard cock inside me so much.”

He smiled as Erica pleaded with him, but he continued to make her wait. She was so tempting. He straddled her, and started to use his lips and tongue, kissing her, letting her feel the stiff bulk of his erection brushing against her body as he moved against her. Erica’s nipples were rock hard and every touch on them made her gasp and want more, much more than he was currently giving her.

Erica’s begging became increasingly desperate. The temptation to simply mount her and slam his cock deep inside was immense, but for the moment Stephen carried on exploring her body with his tongue. He kissed down her chest, spending an age sucking on her nipples, taking them into his mouth, flicking the stiff nubs with his tongue, swapping between each breast. Erica loved having her small, rather perky tits treated roughly, and she groaned as Stephen sucked the hard bullet of each nipple deep into his mouth. The sensation of his rough tongue on her skin sent her ever closer to the brink. She was aroused like she’d never been before.

Still making Erica wait, Stephen moved back between her legs. He let her feel how hard his cock was, rubbing it against her slit so it pushed in, coating it in the juices leaking from her, glistening against the soft pink flesh of her pussy. Again, she begged to be fucked, and she lifted her hips higher, desperately trying to get more of Stephen’s cock inside her. He didn’t move, and the panties and bra restraining her held firm. In her desperation to be fucked all she did was stretch the flimsy garments, ruining them.

She was becoming increasingly desperate, but once again, Stephen pulled out and straddled her body, sitting on her tits to push his stiff cock into her mouth, forcing her to suck him and taste her own juices slathered on his erection. He pushed his cock deeper into her throat, until almost every inch was inside her mouth and his balls were pressed against her chin, forcing her to breathe hard through her nose as she held his engorged penis in her throat. He thrust his hips forward, fucking Erica’s face, forcing her to keep his cock in her mouth. As he did this, he leaned back to finger her, sliding one, then two fingers into her sloppy pussy, grinding them in and out, listening to her muffled moans as her lips moved over his thick shaft.

Eventually, Stephen was satisfied and pulled his cock from Erica’s mouth, before moving between her legs again, kneeling with the tip of his penis poised inches above her spread pussy. It was shining with her wetness, open and ready for him to use. He kept her waiting for a moment, making her wonder what he was doing. Then, as she began to moan with frustration, he finally lowered himself down, so she felt the tip of his cock, poised in position, ready to enter her.

She cried out, desperate now to be fucked. Her body craved the sensation of being filled with her lover, the animalistic sensation of him moving inside her. She screamed out, begging Stephen, “Please fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Still though he made her wait, and her cries become cruder, more desperate and craven, “Shove it in me. I need to be fucked. C’mon, fuck me now!”

Erica was aroused and insatiable, with an urge to be fucked that needed satisfying right there and then. Stephen’s cock was throbbing, pulsing with lust for her hot body, slender and petite beneath him. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and succumbed to temptation, giving Erica what she wanted, plunging his cock into her in one stroke, feeling her wet pussy close around his solid erection as he sank inside her. There was no more waiting, no more making her beg. Now he was just fucking her, as hard as he could.

Erica’s body was still pinned to the bed, and she let out a scream of pleasure as Stephen penetrated her. After the drawn-out, tantalising build up, the delicious sensation of being filled with a thrusting, rock hard length of cock sent her over the edge immediately. Her climax was total and overwhelming—waves of nerve-tingling pleasure erupted from deep in her pussy and clit, out though every atom of her body. Constrained by the underwear binding her to the bed, her arms and legs flailed weakly as the spasms of her orgasm wracked through her body and Stephen’s relentless thrusting pushed her body into the bed, again and again.

The tightening spasm in Erica’s pussy, the wet gush around his pounding shaft, it pushed Stephen closer to his own orgasm too. He wasn’t ready to come yet though, and determined to keep Erica’s body in this hyper-stimulated state for as long as he was able, he pulled out of her, ignoring the frustrated look on her face, and reached back to untie the knotted panties restraining her ankles.

With a rip as he forced the knots undone, Erica’s legs were freed. He kept the restraints on her wrists in place and pushed her legs up as high as they could go. He moved closer to her hips and spreads her legs into a wide V, exposing her pussy, puffy and swollen with excitement. He pushed Erica’s legs back still further, forcing her hamstrings to stretch to their limits, lifting her hips, angling the entrance to her wet interior so he could slide in easily.

Stephen guided his cock back into Erica’s pussy, and with a shove of his hips, he was buried inside her again. This time, with the weight of her hips pressing down into the bed, the friction on the top of his shaft increased. He closed her legs, so they pressed together vertically above her pussy, increasing the pressure on Stephen’s cock still further. Even better, the grinding of his shaft against Erica’s wet pussy as he drove in and out of her stimulated them both, sustaining her orgasm so she screamed with one continuous wail, and his climax drew ever closer.

There was no going back from this. Stephen could feel his shaft throbbing and swelling as his orgasm built and knew he would explode at any second. With his arms wrapped around Erica’s legs, he slammed into her as forcefully as he could. Grunting with effort as he maintained his furious pace, he felt his balls tightening. He knew a stream of pre-cum was already leaking from his cock, and unable to control it any longer, every muscle in the back of Stephen’s body contracted and his hips were forced into Erica with one final, monumental thrust.

Relief flooded through Stephen’s body as semen exploded from him. He could feel it pulsing through his shaft and leaking out of Erica’s body, flowing over his balls and smearing over their thighs. He released Erica’s legs and sagged down onto her body, moving down to bring his mouth to Erica’s inner thigh. He tasted their mingled juices and kissed up Erica’s leg before moving his mouth directly over her pussy.

He licked upward, starting at the trickle of juices leaking from the base of Erica’s slit, and pushed his tongue into her sloppy cunt, scooping out the spunk and wetness from within. Finally, he brought his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue between her lips, meeting hers pushing back, probing for the taste of sex he was bringing her. The kiss was long and drawn out, with a passion that never faded as they came down together from their orgasmic highs.

* * * *


Erica’s affair with Stephen had begun a month earlier. She slipped into it by accident, never intending to be unfaithful to her husband, but taking a series of small steps that eventually led to her inviting Stephen into her home. As soon as the door closed behind them, Erica was in Stephen’s arms, eagerly kissing him. From that moment it was like a dam breaking—an onrush of lust and pent-up frustration overwhelmed her, and within minutes they were on her bed, fucking like out-of-control teenagers.

Erica was actually thirty-six, a housewife with a husband who worked away from home three or four days a week, for nearly half the weeks of the year. Until then, her life had revolved around raising her two daughters, but they were now at the age where they only seemed to be at home to recharge their iPhones, and the eldest was already planning to go to university. A part-time job, working two days a week, occupied some of Erica’s time but this left her home alone a lot, and her days seemed to drag by, with nothing exciting ever happening to her.

She’d always had a healthy sex drive and found only seeing her husband Brett two or three nights a week left her frustrated, especially since he was often tired when he returned home from his work trips. Anyway, Brett was a rather unimaginative sexual partner, content to roll onto her stomach and give her a quick missionary fuck once a week. His rather narrow penis and his tendency to unload his balls into her in less than five minutes didn’t help matters either.

Somehow, without realizing she’d picked up the habit, Erica started to look at porn in the afternoons, just to while away the time. She would sit in front of her laptop, wearing her underwear and one of her husband’s business shirts, fingering herself to orgasm, moving from video to video, fast forwarding through the bits where the models danced to the camera, pressing play at the cock-sucking scenes, and watching the fucking scenes in their entirety, marveling at the size of the actor’s penises, their stamina, and the sheer variety of positions and combinations of bodies the scenes contained.

It became normal for her to spend the morning doing chores with her pussy already wet with anticipation, with a growing wet patch on the front of her panties. Every day, she spent a couple of hours each afternoon with her fingers frantically rubbing at her clit, looking for porn with the kind of scenes she found herself craving, ones where the woman was used forcefully, where a dominant male treated the female actor roughly, calling her dirty names, fucking her with two, or more guys at once, or making her fuck other women.

It wasn’t that Erica thought she wanted sex like this. The whole idea of being treated so roughly, like an object, scared her. But the sex turned her on, and the thought of someone using her for their absolute pleasure added an extra thrill, which made her wetter and made her seek out those videos again and again. It got so most of Erica’s idle thoughts were about sex, about being filled with a huge cock, about climaxing so hard her body shook all over, about making a man ejaculate in her mouth, or fill her pussy with thick creamy cum.

Erica’s internal life became dominated by her sexual fantasies. They began to influence the way she looked at everything. Every man she saw, on the street, in the shops, on the television, was evaluated in terms of what it would be like if he was fucking her. Soon she was doing this with women too, fantasizing about female television celebrities and movie stars, thinking about them using her, forcing her to pleasure them. She had never been with a woman but would lick her fingers when she played with herself, tasting her juices, imagining what it would be like to lick them from another pussy.

She eventually discovered the seedier parts of the internet, where people searched for sex, where everyone’s darkest desires were laid bare. Soon she was browsing the listings most days, fantasizing over the casual encounters on offer, looking at photos, clicking links, reading the descriptions of all those men, eager to get laid. She still didn’t really think she was going to be unfaithful, but the idea of opportunities for sex out there, so easily available, fascinated her. Every day she came back. Sometimes she hit the ‘reply’ button, wondering what would happen if she contacted one of these men, but she always closed the link before she wrote anything, or typed a few words, then canceled the email.

One day, one of the adverts caught her eye, ‘Work is boring, let’s talk about sex’. Perhaps this would give her the opportunity to relieve some frustration without doing anything to risk jeopardizing her marriage. For the first time, when she hit reply, she followed through and wrote a complete email. After sitting looking at the screen for five minutes, she hit ‘send’.

The reply came fifteen minutes later. He asked her if she thought about sex a lot. Did she finger herself? Was she playing with her clit right now? Of course she was, she replied. She was sitting in front of the computer with her legs spread, one hand typing, while the other was rubbing desperately at her puffy red clit. Quickly, she told him about her situation, about how lonely and horny she was, how much she fantasized about sex.

He painted word pictures of the sex they could be having—ever more elaborate scenarios, with the two of them reaching climax after climax in every position imaginable. Erica was wet all the time—while she read the emails, when she wrote her replies, and while she was waiting for the next message. She masturbated all afternoon.

Her email correspondent turned out to be called Stephen. He asked if she was interested in meeting. She said no. Erica still thought she could maintain her fantasy life without jeopardizing her marriage. The emails continued for weeks. Every day she was free, she watched porn, masturbated, exchange emails with Stephen, and masturbated again. The cycle would continue all afternoon. At five, Stephen would leave work, and Erica would have to shower and dress before her daughters came home from college.

Stephen began to find it difficult to satiate Erica’s desire for ever more elaborate sexual fantasies. Equally, Erica found she needed the stories to be increasingly extreme for them to excite her. Gradually the stories became dirtier, with the sex becoming forceful rather than romantic, and from involving just the two of them, to adding more men and women eager to fuck Erica. Erica began to demand Stephen treat her like a slut in the stories. She didn’t understand it, but the thrill increased when the men in the fantasies used her for their pleasure, or were calling her a slut, or a dirty bitch, or a whore. No matter how dirty Stephen made the stories, Erica demanded more. Six weeks after he first asked her, Stephen asked again if she would be interested in meeting. This time she said yes.

* * * *


Stephen was looking at Erica—her slim, petite body lay below him. She was on her back, with her small, pointed breasts exposed to Stephen’s hands. Her slender legs were parted slightly, revealing the soft gash of her pussy, spread in excitement and anticipation of what was to come. Since she’d started seeing Stephen, Erica had neatly trimmed her pubic hair, making it easier for him to see the pink flesh of her labia as she lay panting beneath him. So far, she hadn’t dared remove her bush completely, for fear of what her husband would think.

Erica’s head hung off the edge of the mattress while Stephen stood next to the bed with her mouth poised below his cock. He used one hand to support the back of her head, and took the other hand off her breasts to guide his cock to Erica’s mouth. As soon as her lips were wrapped around his knob, Erica reached up eagerly, trying to move her mouth up and down his shaft.

This upside-down position allowed Stephen to slide his cock straight into the back of Erica’s throat. Like this, Erica could swallow him more deeply than when she was on top of him, and looking up, past where she could see his balls bouncing beneath the thick shaft of his cock, she saw the look of open-mouthed ecstasy on his face—all too obviously the result of her sucking. A thrill ran through Erica—the knowledge that Stephen was using her body for his pleasure sent an electric pulse of excitement radiating out from her pussy.

She squirmed on the bed as she forced her head up and down Stephen’s shaft. She felt herself get wetter and wetter as the length of time spent fellating him increased. Her lips were forced further apart as he swelled between her lips. His ball sack began to tighten. Erica knew if she continued the blowjob Stephen would flood her mouth with his seed. She loved the taste of Stephen’s semen, but right at this moment she didn’t want to wait for him to get hard again before she felt him in her pussy.

She wrapped her hand around his balls and the base of his cock, then pulled her mouth away from Stephen’s shaft. After she’d gulped air into her lungs, Erica gasped out, “I want you to come inside me.”

This was fine by Stephen. He replied without hesitation, “Okay. Spin round and flip onto your stomach.”

He stepped away from the bed, his veiny cock jutting horizontally from his body. Erica rolled onto her stomach and slid off the bed so her body was flat on the mattress, while her legs hung off the side with her feet on the floor. Her ass was positioned on the edge of the mattress, slightly below the level of Stephen’s cock.

Using his hands to grip Erica’s butt, Stephen held Erica pinned to the bed. He gazed down at her, admiring the way her tight ass flared out from her waist, forming a sexy curve bulging out then pinching back to meet her smooth thighs and slim legs with a slight overhang, emphasizing how just how rounded her tiny ass was. With his hands gripping tightly on Erica’s ass cheeks, Stephen spread his legs, placing them outside Erica’s, and lowered his cock down to the level of Erica’s pussy. He bumped his erection between Erica’s thighs, towards the gaping slit waiting to receive him.

His fingers tightened their grip on Erica’s butt, and he pushed himself into her, easily sliding into the sodden cavity of her pussy. Once he was fully buried, Stephen started to thrust, keeping his cock deep inside her and pushing his hips forward so each stroke squashed into her ass. Each sharp, metronomic stroke sent a gasped, “Fuck yes,” from Erica’s lips. Stephen kept this pace up for a solid five minutes, leaving Erica a quivering wreck beneath him as he drove into her over and over.

Sometimes he changed his rhythm, pulling further out of Erica, so on each return stroke she felt his penis grinding against the walls of her pussy as the full eight inches slid into her. Erica’s moans increased, becoming a sustained, “Ooh,” as Stephen sawed his cock relentlessly against her clit. Erica’s juices were being squeezed out around his shaft with each stroke, lubricating it and making it glisten in the low light of the bedroom. Erica was being pushed closer and closer to the brink, and she urged him on, always wanting more, “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder.”

Stephen responded by gripping Erica’s ass tighter still, watching the flesh yield and redden beneath his fingers. Each time he plowed his cock back into Erica his thrust was harder than the one before but the friction on his shaft diminished as Erica’s pussy leaked wetter and wetter with each stroke. The increased intensity of Stephen’s pounding only made Erica hungrier, and her pleading grew more and more desperate, “Yes! Fuck me Stephen, go on—fuck me, fuck me senseless.”

“I’m gonna pound you so hard,” Stephen responded, then, emboldened, he added, “I’m gonna fuck that sweet little cunt of yours until you can’t stand up any more.”

Something switched in Erica’s head when she heard Stephen talk to her in this way, “That’s it, talk dirty to me. I want to be treated rough. I want to be a little sex slut for you.”

“C’mon you cheating slutty housewife, you’re going to take my spunk right into your unfaithful little pussy.”

Erica had never been spoken to like this before, but it drove her wild. Even before Stephen finished speaking, she was gushing around his cock. Her orgasm took over her body, sending tingles of pleasure from her clit and racing through her pussy, out to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Erica’s climax set Stephen off, and without warning, his cock erupted. Streams of semen shot out into Erica’s body. His cock gush endlessly, draining him. When he pulled out, a thick string of creamy spunk leaked from Erica onto the sheets. He fell onto the bed alongside her, and they moved into a cuddle, arms and legs wrapped around each other.

Erica purred into Stephen’s shoulder, “Mmm, baby that was so hot. I love it when you talk dirty to me. I want you to do it more. And I liked it when you were rough. It made me so wet.”

“Anything you want,” Stephen replied, “you’re the most amazing lover I’ve ever had, I love the sex I have with you.”

Erica looked up at Stephen. She paused, and cleared her throat, then said, “There’s something else Stephen. Something else I want. I want to feel what it is like with another man—at the same time. And…”

“Go on.”

“I want to know what it’s like to go with a woman. I want us to have sex with another couple.”

Stephen turned to look Erica directly in the face, then leaned in to kiss her. In amongst the smothering cacophony of kisses, Stephen whispered to her, “Erica, you really are the sexiest woman alive.”

* * * *

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