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Happy (slightly belated) New Year! As ever, the intervals between posting anything to this site have been far too long. As usual, I have to blame the pressure of my day-job, which has kept me away from writing, and by extension, kept me away from having anything to say about my writing. The good news is that although I’ve only been writing very slowly, enough time has passed for the 50 or 100 words a day to add up to a real, complete story.

So what is it? It’s called The Other Side of Town, and it is a drift away from erotic romance into something that is very definitely erotica. I came up with a mood – Lisa, angry because she hated her boyfriend and the too-rich, too drugged-up social scene he represented. Angry too because she’d caught him with her best friend, fucking at a party. Once I got the mood, and the destination – a bar on “the other side of town” – the rest was all about deciding who the other protagonists were going to be. The end result has sex with a powerful, dominant biker in a back room at the bar, a cute barman Lisa can’t get out of her mind, some exhibitionism, and a “Part Two” where Lisa’s fascination with the barman is resolved (along with some more super-hot sex!)

The approach is all about being right in Lisa’s head, experiencing things as she sees them, processing them with her. The sex scenes are long and detailed. Lisa likes Nate and has to give him something she didn’t give the biker – you’re free to guess what that might be 😉

If you’re interested, it’s on Amazon for just 99 cents/99 pence. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Here’s a universal Amazon link to get you there:

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In-between chipping away at the novella I’m working on, I’m plotting my next story. I really can’t wait to get started on it! It ticks all the boxes of what I want to write right now 🙂

Quick update

I’m still working on my new story, The Other Side of Town. It has “grown” now – it is no longer a relatively simple short story, but has evolved into slightly more complex novella. Part one is 14,000 words long, and has everything I thought would be in it, plus a whole bunch of loose-end/plot strands that need tying up, and which give me the opportunity to flesh out my characters more. So I’m writing a  Part two. I spent yesterday afternoon wrangling the plot into shape, and I’ve just started writing it! I guess it’ll end up as long as part one. We’ll see. Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of October. Once again, we’ll see!Other - Copy

New Project

I’ve started a new story, nothing “serious” just a straightforward piece of erotica. It should be about the same length as my other short stories when done (10,000 – 13,000 words). I’ve had a go at the artwork too, which gives away the working title – The Other Side of Town.

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Condoms, 1948 style!

The Sin of Love is set in 1948, just after WW2. Whilst I could never hope for a piece of erotica to have the depth of meaning of a Graham Greene novel, nonetheless, I tried to shoehorn a few references to his books into the story! I couldn’t not do, not when I was choosing to write about a Catholic priest having an affair, especially when I opted for the 1940s setting. Greene would have had all his characters come to miserable endings though, and I didn’t go that far!

One of the fun aspects of the story was the research, particularly the condom research! The prohibition of contraception in Catholicism meant that using them provided a taboo line to be crossed, but since a pregnant lover would make hiding the affair rather difficult, they were a necessity too.

Rubber condoms, made in more-or-less the same way as modern ones, were in existence by the 1930s. The Durex brand was present by WW2. So I could have had my priest pop down to the chemist to buy a packet, the same as everyone else. Of course, as a priest, he couldn’t do that locally, and on top of that, he would presumably feel a degree of shame and trepidation about the whole affair.

I discovered that Durex existed by the 1940s using the website of the Science Museum (, which has a rather fantastic section called “Objects and Stories” containing photos of historic objects in science, technology and medicine – including, it turns out, photos of old condoms! (Unused, I hasten to add!)

The photo below is from the Science Museum site, and is of a reusable condom from 1948, made in London. Perfect! My priest could go and buy it (giving me a scene with lots of nerves and shame), and being reusable, he wouldn’t need to keep on going back and buying more. It also has a little more effort required in its application, which makes the scene where it is first used more of an ‘event’ than it would otherwise be under more normal circumstances.

One final point. Reusable condoms that needed to be washed out after use? Thank god they stopped being a thing by the time my sex life started! I honestly can’t imagine how uncomfortable (or otherwise?) they’d be.

The Sin of Love is available on Amazon here:




The Sin of Love. Out NOW!

My new 33,000 word novella, The Sin of Love, is available on Amazon from today! It’s my first every historical setting (London, 1948), and it features a forbidden relationship between a priest and a young war widow. Once they get going, it is a very sexy read, with a little romance thrown in for good measure!

Find it on Amazon here: (it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, if that’s your thing).

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The Sin of Love

Sin4 - Copy

After taking some time out to write stuff that’ll likely come out under a different pen name, I have knuckled down to what I think of as ‘day-job’ writing – a new Philip Mitchell Stein story.

I’m more than two-thirds in now, and can see how it is going to end, so I’m happy to announce that my new story will be The Sin of Love, coming early August! It’s a priest-seduction story, set in postwar London, channelling a Graham Greene vibe. I’ve pasted a couple of excerpts below, as a teaser. One is from early on, before the main characters have got together, the second one is from the height of their affair.

7-7 - Copy

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Smashwords July Sale!

July is the Smashwords mid-year sale and I’ve got A Bit of Rough, Collected Stories, and Penny Meets the Neighbors enrolled!

They’re all discounted 50%, so that’s $1.50 instead of the usual $2.99.

Horny Mandy is enrolled too, but why pay 99 cents when it is part of Collected Stories for just 50 cents more?

Check them all out by clicking the link here

Writing update

I’ve finished the first draft of my new novel! Hurrah!

The bad news – I’m almost certainly not going to publish it as a Philip Mitchell Stein novel. I haven’t chosen a pen name for it yet, but it doesn’t feel like it would fit in with my other stuff.

The better news – now that the novel is with beta-readers, I’m free to start on the next project 🙂 I want to write short-ish stories for the next few months, so hopefully my productivity will increase. I’ve already made a start on the first of them. Hopefully I’ll be announcing its arrival soon.

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