The Smashwords July Sale

July is the Smashwords mid-year sale. I only have one book available at Smashwords now (the rest are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited), but Penny Meets the Neighbors has to stay there as it has taboo content Amazon won’t allow. Anyway, I’ve enrolled it in the sale, so it is currently just $1!

The link is here:…

It’s a 65,000 word novel packed full of sexiness – busty MILFS, lesbian orgies, swingers parties, sister-on-sister scenes – you name it! It’s only been reviewed once (on Smashwords) but the review is very complementary – check it out!

PMtN_New2 - Copy

Seduced into Sharing Book 2 Out Now!

Book 2 in the Seduced into Sharing series is out now!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Holly and Nick’s sex life used to be as vanilla as it was possible to get. But after Amber, the American exchange student staying with them for a year, convinces them to try their first ever threesome, Holly and Nick’s previously bland lifestyle is transformed! The night of sexual bliss they shared with Amber opened their eyes to everything they’d been missing out on for so long. Of course, what Amber already knows is that their first threesome is just the first step in all this—there’s a whole world of sexual adventures out there, waiting be discovered!

At first, Holly and Nick are happy to simply make the most of their reenergized sex life. But when Holly learns that some of Amber’s previous threesomes were MFM and involved anal sex, she’s intrigued by what she hears. For the old Holly, anal would have been completely off-limits—it’s not something she’s ever considered trying before. But eventually, after a visit to a sex shop and some exploration with a butt plug, Amber convinces Holly anal is something she’s got to experience. So another threesome is on the cards, but this one is way more adventurous than the first!

In this second instalment in the Seduced into Sharing series, Holly is about to discover the world of sex toys, go further in her exploration of lesbian sex, and discover that Amber was right about how amazing anal sex is!

But the best thing is that every new discovery Holly and Nick make leads to another one. Their sex life is heading places they’d never even dreamed of. Things are going to get a whole lot wilder yet!

And here’s a link to the Amazon page:

Sharing2 - Copy

The Opening Scene

Starting a new story is always an exciting thing. Usually I’ll have had the idea brewing in my head for some time, with a lot of the key scenes already visualized, and the structure mapped out. Usually those ideas will end up as a couple of sentences of notes – I’m not a big “pre-writer” – but as they’re so clear in my mind, that’s all I really need.

Actually starting though is one of the trickiest bits. That’s because it’s usually tricky working out where in the action I should set the opening scene. Again, I’m not the kind of person who writes biographies for my characters, or anything like that, but once I’ve been living with a story idea for a while, a lot of ‘background’ information will be knocking around inside my head, waiting for me to draw on.

The issue is choosing the point at which the story begins. One of the things I’ve come to learn is that a story works best if I begin it as late as possible.

Let me explain what I mean…

Take my newest story (The Threesome is Just the Beginning). A glance at the blurb will tell you it features a couple (Holly and Nick) and an exchange student living with them (Amber). Amber acts as a catalyst, making Holly and Nick’s sex life a lot more interesting! The tricky bit with this story was choosing the moment to set things in motion. When I first began, with a blank screen in front of me, my initial instinct was to provide a lot of context. I drafted (and quickly) deleted a scene where Holly and Nick were debating whether to host an exchange student, one where were setting off from home to meet her at the airport, another as they waited for her in the arrivals hall, and another which covered the highlights of sharing their home with Amber for a year. The trouble was, they all started the story too early, long before anything interesting was going to happen. In the end, the opening scene is set almost eleven months into Amber’s year-long stay with Holly and Nick, and the key moment is when a stranger (a girl Amber has picked up) walks into the kitchen. I had to hold back from starting the story until something interesting happening… (I could have started a little later, when Holly sees Amber and the strange girl kissing, but the opening I used lets me introduce Holly and Nick more effectively, so that’s the one I went with).

See what I mean. Start the story as late as possible.

Another example is Islands.

Islands features Marcus, a wealthy English businessman who is widowed and very unhappy. He owns a house on a Greek island, where he meets Callie, the daughter of his maid (who has broken her leg, removing her from the scene – Callie is on holiday from university, so steps in to take her mother’s place). Once again, I had the overall structure and all the key scences in my head from weeks of thinking about the story before I began writing it. What I didn’t have was the opening scene. I wrote an opening where Marcus was building the house with his wife, and one where the locals watched its construction and the arrival of the foreigners and their glamorous friends. They provided context, but they started the story too far way from the actual story, so I deleted them. Instead, I started the story with Marcus arriving immediately before he’s about to meet Callie. Not at the moment they first see each other – I gave the reader a page of figuring out where they were and getting to know Marcus first – but close enough that the story is in motion right from the very beginning. The lesson was the same – start the story as late as possible.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I wrote it as a break from working on Part 3 of my new series. I’d better get back to it!

Take care. P

New Book, New Series!

I’ve released the first instalment in my new series! The Threesome is Just the Beginning is Book 1 in the “Seduced into Sharing” series.

You can find it here: (this is a universal Amazon link, it should take you to the correct Amazon page for whatever territory you’re in).

And here’s the Amazon blurb:

Holly and Nick’s sex life is as vanilla as it gets. A couple since the first term of university and married straight after, they’d never slept with anyone else or done anything remotely kinky. Amber, the American exchange student staying with them for a year, couldn’t be any more different—when Holly and Nick compare Amber’s headboard banging sex life and string of boyfriends with their own staid, conservative habits, they feel like a pair of old-fuddy-duddies, even though they’re only ten years older than her.

The morning Amber’s partner from the night before comes into the kitchen and turns out to be a girl, rather than a man, changes everything. Suddenly Holly becomes aware of how constrained by convention her life has been, how many secret desires she’s been repressing. When she admits her confusion to Amber, new possibilities arise. But how does she reconcile her desire for experimentation with the genuine love she shares with Nick? Amber thinks she has the perfect solution!

Once she’s persuaded them to overcome their inhibitions, the first step into Holly and Nick’s new life is a hot FFM threesome! Holly gets to experience lesbian sex. Nick gets a taste of being spoiled by two eager women at once. And when all three of them join in the action, everybody ends up satisfied!

But the threesome is just the beginning…

This is the first instalment in the Seduced into Sharing series. Holly and Nick’s journey of sexual discovery is about to get a lot more adventurous! A life of swinging and sharing awaits!

The Threesome is Just the Beginning contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is intended for mature readers aged 18 and over only.Sharing1

Doing OK,

There’s been the usual long gap between posts on this page. Of course, this has mostly been filled with the joys of the Coronavirus pandemic. There’s no way anyone reading this hasn’t been affected in some way, so whoever you are, I hope you’re doing OK, and haven’t been hit by it too hard.

Like most people, my working life has changed a great deal. I’m one of the lucky ones – I still have a job, but I work from home now, and spend a lot of time in online meetings. To be honest, my own circumstances are pretty good – lockdown life suits me. (It helps that the weather has been warm and dry and I have a bit of garden I can sit it). I can’t even say lockdown has impacted my productivity as a writer too much – like always, I have to find time in amongst everything else, but on the whole, that’s still possible. Most days I can get about 1,000 words written. The difference seems to be that while I still have lots of days where I’m too busy to write, what I don’t seem to have anymore is super productive days where I get 2 or 3 thousand words down. Possibly on the whole I’ve been a little bit less productive because of that, but it’s not by much.

So, I’ve been writing. So why haven’t I published anything? Because back in February when I picked a new project (I have an MS Word file where I dump all my story ideas, ready for this situation), I chose one that turned out to be the kind of story that grows in the telling! Sure, I should have seen that – whenever I sketched the story out in my head it had multiple scenes, which meant it was never going to be short, but as I got going, it quickly became apparent this is basically a novel-length story (i.e. well over 50,000 words). I’m 33,000 words in now, so I’m a long way from finishing. It is possible I may have something to show the world soonish – I’m thinking of releasing this story in instalments. The bit that will be Part 1 is done, and I’m 80% of the way through what will become Part 2. If I go down this route, I’ll finish Part 2, edit Part 1 and release it, and set a release date for Part 2 a month later. I’ll then use the time I’ve created to crack on with Part 3! (Which would then be released a month after Part 2 came out). Does that sound like a plan?

I don’t know either! For now, all I’m going to do is keep on writing. Like I said at the top, I hope you’re doing OK, wherever you are.

Take care.

Kindle Unlimited!

I have now moved almost all of my stories into Kindle Unlimited! So if you’re an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can now read pretty much everything of mine for “free”. This includes all my novellas and novelettes and both Collected Stories Volumes 1 and 2.

(The exceptions are Penny Meets the Neighbors, which has to stay on Smashwords because Amazon won’t publish its ‘taboo’ content, and A Bit of Rough, which I’ve left on Smashwords to keep Penny Meets the Neighbors company. Obviously, putting everything else on KU means it is no longer available on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.)

Update, June 2020: A Bit of Rough is now back in Kindle Unlimited too! The only story not available on Amazon is Penny Meets the Neighbors, which Amazon won’t publish and can only be found on Smaswords. Get Penny Meets the Neighbors here

New Story +

First off, the “newest” news is that I’ve just released a new story, Summer Heat: Her Best Friend’s Dad – an (interracial) older man/younger woman hot illicit-sex story. It’s available on Amazon, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I think it’s pretty hot 🙂

Summer - Copy    Collected2_alt - Copy

While I’m making announcements, I should probably tidy up after myself and put in a link to Collected Stories Volume 2, which is something I neglected to do when it came out. (It came out on October 25, so that makes me officially awful at updating my website/marketing, I guess!) The link above is to the Amazon site, but this book (and all the individual stories in it) are also available on Smashwords and Apple and Barnes & Noble, etc. The four stories in Collected Stories Volume 2 (The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town and Islands) are the ones I’d count as my personal favorites, so if you haven’t read these stories yet, getting them all together, bundled in Collected Stories Volumes 2 is definitely the way to go.

While I’m here, I thought I’d quickly chat about what I hope to do over the coming year. My last three releases (Poolside Threesome, The Captured Warrior and Summer Heat) pretty much set the tone of what I expect to be doing in the near future. My big ‘learning’ from last year was that I sell lots more books if I put the word threesome in the title or description! I enjoyed writing (and absolutely love) the stories I wrote over 2o18/2019, but sales-wise they did nothing like as well (The Other Side of Town and Islands especially). So, much as I’d like to keep on writing that kind of thing, I’m going to take a break from the ’emotional’ for a little while (I’m sure, eventually I’ll go back to that kind of story, just not quite yet). I also intend to leave everything I write from now on in Kindle Unlimited for much longer, and keep the stories as stand-alones rather than bundling them up.

I’ve got a pile of story ideas, and they’re all along the lines of the three most recent ones – i.e. very hot and sexy!

My writing

When I look at my writing I can see a definite progression in terms of what I write, and in (my perception) of how good it is. I have no idea whether I’ve actually improved as a writer, or by how much, but when look back over my ‘career’ as an erotica writer, I can see differences between the old stuff and the new stuff, and to my mind, the new stuff is generally better, or at least, more satisfying for me as a writer.

I can also see (or feel) definite phases in this progression: periods where my writing improved very quickly, and periods where it plateaued, or where I wrote several stories in a row that were at a similar standard. The interesting thing is that I think I know what one of the major factors in improving my writing is. Put simply, whenever I write a ‘long’ story (i.e. something novel-length), the stories I write after that are markedly improved on the ones I wrote before.

I’ve only published two novels under this pen name (Penny Meets the Neighbors and A Bit of Rough), but in both cases I can see the before-and-after effect. Penny came early, and I’d already improved a lot before writing it (I have a long, unpublished story to thank for the first step in my progress as a writer, which helped me go from awful to adequate. Penny was responsible for the leap from adequate to competent!) The run of stories that included 1, Coverlid Place, Meaningless Masturbation? and Farmer’s Daughter Threesome all came immediately after writing Penny and they are so much better than the stuff I was writing before. (Some of Horny Mandy was written before Penny, and some of it afterwards. I think I can see the difference).

The next phase came with the writing of A Bit of Rough. Again, it’s not the novel itself that marks the difference: it’s the stories that came afterwards. As far as I can tell, there is something about the discipline and effort required to write a long piece of fiction that just improves my craft a lot, and I notice the effect in my subsequent work. To me, it feels like An American Affair and The Sin of Love are just totally different in execution to the earlier stuff.

Interestingly, there is a ‘hidden’ novel – something I released under another pen name – in my writing career, which came out between The Sin of Love and The Other Side of Town. Possibly the difference is more subtle, but I can see the effect (the progression in my writing) of it in The Other Side of Town and Islands. Neither of these stories sold well (in fact, they’re my worse selling stories by a long way) but they’re both ones I really, really like, with, I think, some of my strongest characters and fullest character development (hint – they’re worth a second look!) Maybe I learned something from them though because the two subsequent stories (Poolside Threesome and The Captured Warrior) have been far more successful (by my standards), and I think I maintained the quality of my storytelling at the same level.

I haven’t written a novel since the ‘hidden’ one, and although I currently have no plans to do so (I’ll write another post soon about what I’m planning to write in the coming months), it should be easy to see why I often think I should make the effort to write another novel!

Finally – I don’t know if this qualifies as ‘writing advice’, but based on my experience, if you want to take your writing up a level, one thing that might work is tackling a big, long writing project that challenges – in other words, have a go at writing a novel!

Collected Stories Volume 2: Coming Soon!

My second collection of stories is out on the 14th November! It contains The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town, and Islands. That’s four of the stories that I’m especially proud of, all together in the same collection. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon here: – it’s $2.99 at the moment, the same price as just one of these stories bought individually. I’ll be raising the price to $3.99 once it’s properly available. It’s also available to pre-order on Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo etc. Smashwords doesn’t allow pre-release purchases but it’ll be available there from the 14th November.

Here’s the blurb:

The second collection of stories by Philip Mitchell Stein!

Collected Stories Volume 2 includes four hot, steamy erotic stories that have previously been available individually: The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town, and Islands. Also included is a new three-thousand word short story exclusive to this volume!

The Sin of Love in set in London in 1948. It tells the story of Rose, a young war-widow with a troubled past, and Father Joe Martin, a naïve young priest who doesn’t understand how lonely he is. Their romance is sensual and moving, but their sex is steamy and smoking hot! They know they’re causing a scandal but they just don’t care. Eventually they have to decide, is it the sin of lust they’re committing, or the sin of love?

In An American Affair a young Englishman is seduced by a married, American woman. Their affair starts of as something driven by pure lust, but soon their desire for each other is intense, urgent, and far more complicated. The result is a vivid, deeply erotic story that will arouse you and move you, all at the same time.

Lisa had caught her boyfriend and best friend in bed together. Sick of the over-entitled losers her scene seemed to be full of, she went looking for something new, something edgy and dangerous that’d give her a shock to the system and make her feel alive. She goes to a bar on The Other Side of Town. Nate, the cute barman is interesting, but it is Colt, a powerful biker who demands her immediate attention. Having sex with Colt is thrilling. Knowing Nate is secretly watching makes it even more exciting! That’s only the beginning… She knows there’s a chemistry between her and Nate. She goes back…

Islands is about Marcus, a rich businessman from London, wealthy enough to own a house on a beautiful Greek island as a private hideaway. He’s devastated by the loss of his wife in a car accident and doesn’t want to face the world. All that changes when the old woman who looks after his house breaks her leg and sends her daughter, Callie in her place. Despite their growing chemistry, she finds it impossible to break through his shell. It takes events that shock her to the core for things to change…

The stories in Collected Stories Volume 2 are sensual, moving and beautiful. But they’re also deliciously explicit, with graphic, smoking hot sex scenes throughout! They’re only suitable for readers aged 18 and over.

Collected2_alt - Copy

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