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This is my new, novel length (77,000 word) erotic romance! I’m really proud of it, so please check it out. The sex scenes (and there are many) are some of my best…

“A talent for writing outstanding sex scenes.” (Jaye Elise, author of Mastering his Captive)

The attraction was instant. As soon as Melissa saw the builder working on her house, her body ached for him. More than that—she wanted to be his, his to use any way he chose. He was so different to everything her sheltered upper class background had exposed her to—rough and strong, powerful and manly. Melissa would have done anything for him, anything he asked.

He knew she was there for the taking, and when the opportunity came, he made her his. He was the perfect lover, better than anything Melissa had ever experienced—he took her to a whole new world of sexual ecstasy, over and over again. But the thrills he provided went beyond anything the inexperienced Melissa had ever known. He was powerful and rough, and had the skill to push her body to levels of pleasure she’d never imagined possible.

Despite this, how could Melissa fight her upbringing? Her friends, her family, they all expect her to marry someone sensible, someone conventional—someone like Jeremy, the rich but dull lawyer everyone thinks will be perfect for her. After experiencing what sex can really be like, the heights of arousal a real man can take her body to, nothing less will be enough for Melissa. She tries with Jeremy, she really does, but it isn’t the same. When the work on her house is over, and the builder has gone, Melissa is left alone. She knows she cannot live anymore without experiencing the ecstasy she has just discovered. A new life has started…

A Bit of Rough is the story of a young woman on a journey of sexual discovery, looking for love, driven by lust. Along the way she meets a cast of good looking men eager to give her what she craves. Each encounter is a stepping stone, taking her closer to where she needs to be. Melissa’s quest takes her on a voyage of self-discovery—sexual ecstasy, the arousal of submitting to her lover, the thrill of being blindfolded and spanked, the dangers of losing control, the joy of falling in love. Along the way she learns what she truly wants, what she truly needs, and learns how to balance her lust for A Bit of Rough with her yearning for love. Armed with her new knowledge, how will she find the perfect man?

With vivid, imaginative and seriously hot sex scenes from beginning to end, A Bit of Rough is the perfect combination of sexy erotica and gloriously hot romance…



It’s kind of hard, being an erotica writer, writing under a pseudonym. There’s a ton of stuff I’d love to share, about what I’m up to, my travels, my life, all the things I’ve seen and done. The trouble is of course, the greater the detail I provide, the closer I come to losing the anonymity of a pseudonym, so I end up saying very little, or most of the time nothing at all. Related to that is my need to feel like anything I say is worth saying. I use Twitter now, but find it difficult to share every random thought that comes into my head. On writer’s forums, I’d love to join in the conversation, but I hold back, wondering if what I have to say needs an audience. I guess it’s just me, and the nature of being naturally an introvert by nature – good for sitting at my desk writing, less good for going out and selling myself!

All that said, I was thinking, the other day, about how I came to writing, and how the pathway I took has influenced my storytelling. I had been praised (by Jaye Elise, who had kindly agreed to read my Work in Progress) for the way I write sex scenes – with an eye for the detail, but without letting things get bogged down. It is of course very nice to hear someone say flattering things about me, so I accepted the compliment gratefully!

One of the mistakes I made with my early forays into erotica was to think it is essentially writing sex. It is, in the sense that the sex scenes have to be hot, but it isn’t in that it is really just storytelling, just like any other fiction. If you can’t wrap your sex scenes in a plot of some kind, good enough to drag the reader along, and if the sex isn’t between characters the reader wants to see together, then ultimately, the erotica will fail (or be less successful).

I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I started out writing sex scenes, rather than stories, because the first things I wrote were in emails, designed to entertain, or seduce, or arouse, whoever happened to be my lover (or prospective lover) at the time. More than that, because I grew up in the cellphone age, the very first sex scenes I wrote were in text messages! In both cases, I was writing sex, and writing sex to arouse, and had to learn to focus on the details, and how to compress them, highlighting some things, glossing over others. It was the positive responses to my ability to “write sex” that got me into thinking about writing erotica.

There are (or were) two drawbacks to this approach to learning to write erotica. Firstly, in an email or text message, the characters are usually called “I” and “You”. That’s great when it is two people who know each other, not so good for writing for a wider audience. My first job was to learn about point of view, and work out when I should be using first person, or where third person would give a better story. Secondly, if you already know someone, then there is no need to create much of a plot – there is no particular need to ‘engineer’ people into bed – they’re already there. So I had to learn about storytelling, and pacing an entire story, not just a sex scene.

So I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning. My work has its strong points, and areas where I can improve. The stories I’ve put up for sale are all things that I’ve thought of as being milestones – I can see the improvements as I write more, and I can see how I’m getting better as a storyteller. Of course, I’ll always want to strive to get better, and be the best writer I possibly can be, but it is interesting to look over my shoulder, and see where I’ve come from.


A Bit of Rough

The last couple of months have been a busy block of writing. I’ve been really productive, and have now finished the first draft of my new story, A Bit of Rough. When I say ‘story’ I mean ‘novel’ – it is 74,000 words long! I’m taking a week away from it, then going to edit it. If you’re reading this, and interested in getting a sneak peak, via acting as a betareader, let me know. (What I’d be looking for is ‘looking through a reader’s eyes’ rather than technical editing).

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New cover art!

I’ve been updating some of my cover art. I think the new covers look really classy so hopefully they’ll help draw attention to my books 😉 I’d love to know what people think.

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Penny Meets the Neighbors

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When Penny and her husband Mark move to a new neighborhood they have no idea how much their lives will change. Their neighbor, the sexy, powerful Alyssa, wants to induct them into her swingers group. First though, she wants Penny’s beautiful full-figured body all to herself, and to teach Penny about the joys of lesbian sex. Penny is reluctant, but after her first girl on girl experience, with the stunning redhead Niamh, Penny quickly gets sucked into a world of lesbian orgies and sex toys. Along the way, Penny draws her sister Marina in too, and Penny realizes the only way she can have Marina for herself is to share her with Mark.

Inspired by a request from a real couple, this story is available to buy here

Collected Stories Volume 1

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This collection includes 1, Coverlid Place, Farmer’s Daughter Threesome, Meaningless Masturbation, Vibe Time and Horny Mandy.

A MILF becomes a gloryhole queen, then takes on four men simultaneously in an adult cinema! A young man’s dream summer job – a threesome with the 18 year old farmer’s daughter and her best friend! Frustrated university students watch each other masturbate, then masturbate together, and slowly fall for each other! A busty nymphomaniac describes her encounters with men, women, and MFF, MFM and FFF threesomes! A housewife dreams of her ideal dirty encounter while buzzing away her frustrations!

All of these stories have been available individually, with the exception of Vibe Time, which is exclusive to this collection. Buy it here


I have now uploaded Horny Mandy, Penny Meets the Neighbors, 1 Coverlid Place and Meaningless Masturbation to Amazon.com

Pending review, they should be available from tomorrow.

I’m busy writing – expect Farmer’s Daughter Threesome soon!

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