A New Bundle!

I’ve released a new bundle/collection of my stories – kinda…

The old Collected Stories volumes are no longer available. Instead, the’ve been replaced by Shorts: an Erotic Story Bundle!

The idea behind Shorts is that it contains all of my “short” stories (i.e. anything that isn’t a novella or novel). In practice that means it features five of my hottest stories (Farmer’s Daughter Threesome; 1, Coverlid Place; Meaningless Masturbation?; An American Affair; Poolside Threesome) plus the bonus stories from Collected Stories volumes 1 and 2 (Vibe Time and Fingers, Tongue Cock). That’s seven stories in total, and I reckon it provides a great introduction to my writing 🙂

You can find Shorts on Amazon here: getbook.at/ShortsBundle (this is a universal link that should take you to the right Amazon store, depending on where you’re from). It’s also enrolled in KindleUnlimited.

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