Penny and Marina – New Series!

Here’s a little unexpected news – I’m turning my sequel to Penny Meets the Neighbors into a series!

I’ve been sitting on a manuscript and set of story notes for Penny and Marina for years, adding to it every once in a while. I hadn’t got as far into it as I’d have liked though, because although I was trying to write another novel, the story didn’t feel like a novel – now the storyline has been established by Penny Meets the Neighbors, the story arc from then on didn’t fit into a 60,000 word format. I’ve been busy lately, and although Book 3 of The Sex Club series is largely written in my head, I haven’t actually got very far with it in reality. So, somewhere in all these thoughts I revisited Penny and Marina and realised it needs to be a series, so that I can make the various narrative arcs Penny’s further adventures contained any length I liked. I haven’t got many more installments written yet but the notes are there, and with the new mindset, they’ll be easier to write – providing there’s an appetite for them of course!

All that said, the first installment of the Penny and Marina series is A New Life, which picks up directly from where Penny Meets the Neighbors left off. For obvious reasons, the series is only going to be available on Smashwords (it’s way too taboo for Amazon and of course it may be too taboo for some readers too). You can find it here – it’s a $0.99 bargain!

PS – I’m finding more time to write now. My next release will definitely be The Sex Club Book 3 – hopefully relatively soon!

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