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I’ve started a new story, nothing “serious” just a straightforward piece of erotica. It should be about the same length as my other short stories when done (10,000 – 13,000 words). I’ve had a go at the artwork too, which gives away the working title – The Other Side of Town.

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Condoms, 1948 style!

The Sin of Love is set in 1948, just after WW2. Whilst I could never hope for a piece of erotica to have the depth of meaning of a Graham Greene novel, nonetheless, I tried to shoehorn a few references to his books into the story! I couldn’t not do, not when I was choosing to write about a Catholic priest having an affair, especially when I opted for the 1940s setting. Greene would have had all his characters come to miserable endings though, and I didn’t go that far!

One of the fun aspects of the story was the research, particularly the condom research! The prohibition of contraception in Catholicism meant that using them provided a taboo line to be crossed, but since a pregnant lover would make hiding the affair rather difficult, they were a necessity too.

Rubber condoms, made in more-or-less the same way as modern ones, were in existence by the 1930s. The Durex brand was present by WW2. So I could have had my priest pop down to the chemist to buy a packet, the same as everyone else. Of course, as a priest, he couldn’t do that locally, and on top of that, he would presumably feel a degree of shame and trepidation about the whole affair.

I discovered that Durex existed by the 1940s using the website of the Science Museum (, which has a rather fantastic section called “Objects and Stories” containing photos of historic objects in science, technology and medicine – including, it turns out, photos of old condoms! (Unused, I hasten to add!)

The photo below is from the Science Museum site, and is of a reusable condom from 1948, made in London. Perfect! My priest could go and buy it (giving me a scene with lots of nerves and shame), and being reusable, he wouldn’t need to keep on going back and buying more. It also has a little more effort required in its application, which makes the scene where it is first used more of an ‘event’ than it would otherwise be under more normal circumstances.

One final point. Reusable condoms that needed to be washed out after use? Thank god they stopped being a thing by the time my sex life started! I honestly can’t imagine how uncomfortable (or otherwise?) they’d be.

The Sin of Love is available on Amazon here:




The Sin of Love. Out NOW!

My new 33,000 word novella, The Sin of Love, is available on Amazon from today! It’s my first every historical setting (London, 1948), and it features a forbidden relationship between a priest and a young war widow. Once they get going, it is a very sexy read, with a little romance thrown in for good measure!

Find it on Amazon here: (it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, if that’s your thing).

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The Sin of Love

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After taking some time out to write stuff that’ll likely come out under a different pen name, I have knuckled down to what I think of as ‘day-job’ writing – a new Philip Mitchell Stein story.

I’m more than two-thirds in now, and can see how it is going to end, so I’m happy to announce that my new story will be The Sin of Love, coming early August! It’s a priest-seduction story, set in postwar London, channelling a Graham Greene vibe. I’ve pasted a couple of excerpts below, as a teaser. One is from early on, before the main characters have got together, the second one is from the height of their affair.

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Smashwords July Sale!

July is the Smashwords mid-year sale and I’ve got A Bit of Rough, Collected Stories, and Penny Meets the Neighbors enrolled!

They’re all discounted 50%, so that’s $1.50 instead of the usual $2.99.

Horny Mandy is enrolled too, but why pay 99 cents when it is part of Collected Stories for just 50 cents more?

Check them all out by clicking the link here

Writing update

I’ve finished the first draft of my new novel! Hurrah!

The bad news – I’m almost certainly not going to publish it as a Philip Mitchell Stein novel. I haven’t chosen a pen name for it yet, but it doesn’t feel like it would fit in with my other stuff.

The better news – now that the novel is with beta-readers, I’m free to start on the next project 🙂 I want to write short-ish stories for the next few months, so hopefully my productivity will increase. I’ve already made a start on the first of them. Hopefully I’ll be announcing its arrival soon.

Catch ya,


New Cover for A Bit of Rough

I just took a scroll back through my old posts, and realized I hadn’t announced the new cover for A Bit of Rough here! Anyway, I did it a few months ago, and really like it, so I’m posting it now. If you’re curious (and I hope you are!), you can find the book on Amazon here or on Smashwords here

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A Game

This is how kind of how I wrote four years ago – short scenes with no context. I was looking through a file with work from back then, and chances are, if it hasn’t already seen the light of day, it won’t now. I was quite taken with this though, so I edited it, and put it here, for posterity. The original version was 200 words shorter (it’s still only 750 words!) and used a kind of pseudo-second person POV (“she/her” was “you/your”) that I quickly stopped using in my writing. Enjoy.

She was on the bed, naked, with her legs splayed apart. Her fingers were poised at the apex of her pussy, her fingertip circling delicately, barely touching her body. It was enough to send a tingle of pleasure through her though, I could tell. I was standing at the end of the bed, watching. I was as naked as she was, with my hand wrapped around my erect cock. There was a moment where she looked at me, making sure she had my full attention. Then she slid her fingers into the wetness of her pussy to drag a smear of moisture upwards, onto her clit.

I watched every move, switching my gaze from her fingers to her eyes and back again. She let out a sigh, soft and barely audible, when her lubricated finger grazed her clitoris. Then with a smile, she took the finger away and licked it, tasting her own arousal. She looked at me as she did this. She knew I loved the taste of her pussy. She knew she was making me jealous. Then her fingers went back to her clit and she began to rub, stimulating the tiny fold until I could see her body tensing.

As she pleasured herself I stroked my cock—slowly—matching my pace to the pace of her fingering. There was a rule. I wasn’t to go any faster than the pace she set, so she made her movements slow, then, occasionally, she sped up her rubbing, before slowing again when she judged I was taking myself too far. We were both aroused, by our masturbation but more so by the act of watching each other like this.

I could see her fingering and rubbing was making her wetter, and that her pussy was pulsing as her excitement increased—it shone pinkly, glistening with a sheen of her wetness. She wanted more. She wanted to be fucked, but she knew the game, and gave me the look which told me she wanted to move to the next stage. I took my hand away from my cock, lubricated the dildo then handed it to her. She gripped the base and took it into her body in one movement, until only the final inch was exposed.

She gasped, making me aware of the satisfaction the moment gave her. This was a crucial point in the game. What she wanted was me, to feel me inside her, but she had to wait, just as much as I did. In response, I increased the pace of my own masturbation, stroking my cock faster and harder. I’d moved closer. Now I was standing next to her, with my erection looming directly above her pussy, my body casting a shadow over hers.

She used the dildo to fuck herself while her fingers continued working frantically on her clit. She was moaning continuously now, her face red with effort and excitement. The sight of her like this was so hot, so incredibly arousing. I fought the urge to increase the pace of my hand sliding up and down my shaft. She was bucking her hips now, and I knew she was close to orgasm. I moved to the next stage of the game and handed her a smooth silver vibrator, which she placed directly onto her clitoris. This pushed her over the edge straight away, and she tensed, before crying out with the thrill of her orgasm. As she came, I pumped faster and faster on my cock and moved it until I was directly above her pussy, with only the presence of the vibrator preventing the head of my cock from touching her clitoris.

As her orgasm reached its climax, I felt a rush of spunk surging up my cock. When she saw my hips jerk, she pulled out the dildo from her pussy and let the vibrator fall to one side. The first blast of jizz sprayed over her pussy and onto her stomach. As the second jet made its way up my shaft I straddled her and slid my shaft into the dripping wetness of her pussy. My release mingled with her juices, deep inside her. I pulled her towards me and kissed her, moving against her, sending my erection sliding in and out, pumping the final spasms of my climax into her. When we had nothing left to give we collapsed against each other, our lips still locked together.

It was only the beginning. We both knew the night was young.


About bloody time!

I haven’t touched this blog for so long! All the usual reasons – a busy period with my day job, a spell of nothing much happening and feeling like writing about it, then a spell knuckling down to a new project.

The project is one of those things that went from being a cute idea, to a short story, to a plan for a novella, to something that is finally beginning to settle down into being another novel. The trouble is, it really isn’t a Philip Mitchell Stein book and I am almost certainly going to publish it under a different pen name (and not cross-promote between the two names).

So in terms of new material under this pen name, the early months of 2018 weren’t looking good. That has changed slightly now, following a conversation with fellow erotica writers Wednesday Noir and Olivia Moore, on Twitter. The topic was how using real-life events as the basis of stories was often surprisingly difficult. Short answer, it usually is, because even if the events themselves are interesting, real-life never has the neat endings a story has.

Wednesday and Olivia did however say that one incident in my life was naturally erotic, and would make the basis of a good story. Suitably inspired, I got stuck in! The result is a new short story, An American Affair. It takes the form of a memoir, and to be fair, it is only very slightly fictionalised. It’s a nice piece of writing though, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s available exclusively on Amazon for the moment (I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited). Find it here: - Copy

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