New cover art!

I’ve been updating some of my cover art. I think the new covers look really classy so hopefully they’ll help draw attention to my books 😉 I’d love to know what people think.

BothBooks_Promo - Copy


Penny Meets the Neighbors

PMtN - Copy

When Penny and her husband Mark move to a new neighborhood they have no idea how much their lives will change. Their neighbor, the sexy, powerful Alyssa, wants to induct them into her swingers group. First though, she wants Penny’s beautiful full-figured body all to herself, and to teach Penny about the joys of lesbian sex. Penny is reluctant, but after her first girl on girl experience, with the stunning redhead Niamh, Penny quickly gets sucked into a world of lesbian orgies and sex toys. Along the way, Penny draws her sister Marina in too, and Penny realizes the only way she can have Marina for herself is to share her with Mark.

Inspired by a request from a real couple, this story is available to buy here

Collected Stories Volume 1

Stories1 - Copy

This collection includes 1, Coverlid Place, Farmer’s Daughter Threesome, Meaningless Masturbation, Vibe Time and Horny Mandy.

A MILF becomes a gloryhole queen, then takes on four men simultaneously in an adult cinema! A young man’s dream summer job – a threesome with the 18 year old farmer’s daughter and her best friend! Frustrated university students watch each other masturbate, then masturbate together, and slowly fall for each other! A busty nymphomaniac describes her encounters with men, women, and MFF, MFM and FFF threesomes! A housewife dreams of her ideal dirty encounter while buzzing away her frustrations!

All of these stories have been available individually, with the exception of Vibe Time, which is exclusive to this collection. Buy it here


I have now uploaded Horny Mandy, Penny Meets the Neighbors, 1 Coverlid Place and Meaningless Masturbation to

Pending review, they should be available from tomorrow.

I’m busy writing – expect Farmer’s Daughter Threesome soon!

Horny Mandy!

My old story Mandy Loves to Fuck has been given a BIG makeover! The existing 8,000 words have been polished, and another 23,000 words added, creating Parts 2 and 3! Mandy gets down and dirty with some serious threesomes in the new parts – after tasting pussy for the first time, she tries MFF, then her two ‘boyfriends’ give her a MFM threesome, including an anal dp! By Part 3, Mandy has tried FFF and enjoyed another MFF threesome. Along the way, Mandy falls in and out of love, and eventually gets the guy she wanted all along!

Now named Horny Mandy, the story is on Smashwords now!

April update

I’m working an a story called “A Bit of Rough”, but I’m working around day-job writing as well, so it has been going slowly.

The story (about a ‘nice’ girl who has a thing for workmen – builders and the like) is all there in in my head, but only getting onto the page slowly.

I want to finish it, because there’s a lesbian romance I’m keen to get started on, and I have a story for the summer already written (it needs an edit) – a threesome story.

Thanks for your interest in my work. I’d best get back to it!

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