The Threesome Agreement – out now!

After saying it was coming soon a couple of days ago, I can now confirm that The Threesome Agreement is now live and available to read! You can find it on Amazon and it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Here’s a universal Amazon link:

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Italian socialite Alessia gave up her wild sex life when she married Edward, a wealthy but aging Englishman. Now her husband’s failing health means she has no sex life at all. But Edward still wants Alessia to produce an heir for him. Reluctantly, he agrees to the threesome agreement—Alessia will take two virile young men as lovers, one English, one Italian. Alessia gets the sex life she wants. Edward gets the chance of an heir. The heritage of the heir, English or Italian, is to be left to fate—may the most virile lover win.

But despite agreeing to this arrangement, Edward is baffled by it. His sexual appetites are vanilla, and he’s never understood Alessia’s desires for a more varied, unusual sex life than the one he offered her. The idea that she’d want sex with two men at the same time—two men inside her at once—is beyond his comprehension. But this is exactly what Alessia has been craving… For Alessia, the threesome agreement is about giving into her wildest, most extreme desires, desires it takes two men to satisfy. Can she get what she wants, and can Edward be made to understand? Will he ever accept it?

The Threesome Agreement contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is intended for mature readers aged 18 and over only.

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