A Game

This is how kind of how I wrote four years ago – short scenes with no context. I was looking through a file with work from back then, and chances are, if it hasn’t already seen the light of day, it won’t now. I was quite taken with this though, so I edited it, and put it here, for posterity. The original version was 200 words shorter (it’s still only 750 words!) and used a kind of pseudo-second person POV (“she/her” was “you/your”) that I quickly stopped using in my writing. Enjoy.

She was on the bed, naked, with her legs splayed apart. Her fingers were poised at the apex of her pussy, her fingertip circling delicately, barely touching her body. It was enough to send a tingle of pleasure through her though, I could tell. I was standing at the end of the bed, watching. I was as naked as she was, with my hand wrapped around my erect cock. There was a moment where she looked at me, making sure she had my full attention. Then she slid her fingers into the wetness of her pussy to drag a smear of moisture upwards, onto her clit.

I watched every move, switching my gaze from her fingers to her eyes and back again. She let out a sigh, soft and barely audible, when her lubricated finger grazed her clitoris. Then with a smile, she took the finger away and licked it, tasting her own arousal. She looked at me as she did this. She knew I loved the taste of her pussy. She knew she was making me jealous. Then her fingers went back to her clit and she began to rub, stimulating the tiny fold until I could see her body tensing.

As she pleasured herself I stroked my cock—slowly—matching my pace to the pace of her fingering. There was a rule. I wasn’t to go any faster than the pace she set, so she made her movements slow, then, occasionally, she sped up her rubbing, before slowing again when she judged I was taking myself too far. We were both aroused, by our masturbation but more so by the act of watching each other like this.

I could see her fingering and rubbing was making her wetter, and that her pussy was pulsing as her excitement increased—it shone pinkly, glistening with a sheen of her wetness. She wanted more. She wanted to be fucked, but she knew the game, and gave me the look which told me she wanted to move to the next stage. I took my hand away from my cock, lubricated the dildo then handed it to her. She gripped the base and took it into her body in one movement, until only the final inch was exposed.

She gasped, making me aware of the satisfaction the moment gave her. This was a crucial point in the game. What she wanted was me, to feel me inside her, but she had to wait, just as much as I did. In response, I increased the pace of my own masturbation, stroking my cock faster and harder. I’d moved closer. Now I was standing next to her, with my erection looming directly above her pussy, my body casting a shadow over hers.

She used the dildo to fuck herself while her fingers continued working frantically on her clit. She was moaning continuously now, her face red with effort and excitement. The sight of her like this was so hot, so incredibly arousing. I fought the urge to increase the pace of my hand sliding up and down my shaft. She was bucking her hips now, and I knew she was close to orgasm. I moved to the next stage of the game and handed her a smooth silver vibrator, which she placed directly onto her clitoris. This pushed her over the edge straight away, and she tensed, before crying out with the thrill of her orgasm. As she came, I pumped faster and faster on my cock and moved it until I was directly above her pussy, with only the presence of the vibrator preventing the head of my cock from touching her clitoris.

As her orgasm reached its climax, I felt a rush of spunk surging up my cock. When she saw my hips jerk, she pulled out the dildo from her pussy and let the vibrator fall to one side. The first blast of jizz sprayed over her pussy and onto her stomach. As the second jet made its way up my shaft I straddled her and slid my shaft into the dripping wetness of her pussy. My release mingled with her juices, deep inside her. I pulled her towards me and kissed her, moving against her, sending my erection sliding in and out, pumping the final spasms of my climax into her. When we had nothing left to give we collapsed against each other, our lips still locked together.

It was only the beginning. We both knew the night was young.



About bloody time!

I haven’t touched this blog for so long! All the usual reasons – a busy period with my day job, a spell of nothing much happening and feeling like writing about it, then a spell knuckling down to a new project.

The project is one of those things that went from being a cute idea, to a short story, to a plan for a novella, to something that is finally beginning to settle down into being another novel. The trouble is, it really isn’t a Philip Mitchell Stein book and I am almost certainly going to publish it under a different pen name (and not cross-promote between the two names).

So in terms of new material under this pen name, the early months of 2018 weren’t looking good. That has changed slightly now, following a conversation with fellow erotica writers Wednesday Noir and Olivia Moore, on Twitter. The topic was how using real-life events as the basis of stories was often surprisingly difficult. Short answer, it usually is, because even if the events themselves are interesting, real-life never has the neat endings a story has.

Wednesday and Olivia did however say that one incident in my life was naturally erotic, and would make the basis of a good story. Suitably inspired, I got stuck in! The result is a new short story, An American Affair. It takes the form of a memoir, and to be fair, it is only very slightly fictionalised. It’s a nice piece of writing though, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s available exclusively on Amazon for the moment (I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited). Find it here: getbook.at/AmericanAffairAffair - Copy

New cover for Farmer’s Daughter Threesome

Farmer2 - Copy

I submitted an update to the text of Farmer’s Daughter Threesome on Smashwords (the same update had been submitted to Amazon a day or so earlier). My revision was flagged for having an inappropriate cover! Smashwords had accepted the cover previously, but I already knew that Amazon were hiding the cover behind the adult filter, so not only have I made a new cover for the Smashwords edition, I’ve also updated it on Amazon as well.

The Smashwords edition is here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/724900

The Amazon edition is here: myBook.to/FDThreesome


Writing A Bit of Rough

A Bit of Rough has been out for a month now, so I thought it was time I jotted down a few notes about the process of writing it along with a few ‘behind the scenes’ details. This was the first time I’ve set out to write a full length work right from the outset (Penny Meets the Neighbors grew in the telling!). Once my first ideas formed, I spent a while letting it develop in my head, working through how I wanted it to pan out, and I very quickly realized this had to be a novel, rather than a long short story.

The original idea was a small one – a story about a woman so ‘addicted’ to sex with working men – plumbers and what have you, that she would call them to her home, even when there was nothing in her house needing to be repaired. I suppose I imagined a series of encounters based on this premise, but as soon as I gave the idea even the lightest examination, it immediately became obvious that I’d reinvented one of the oldest, cheesiest porn tropes there is! Not wanting to write a series of 70s porn scenes, my thinking veered towards imagining how a woman might get to that situation in the first place – what were the series of steps that got her there?

This was a lot more satisfying as a story idea, and I essentially ‘parked’ the sex with the plumber scenes while I concentrated on developing the characters of sexually-frustrated Melissa, Danny the builder, and posh-but-dull Jeremy. The first words-on-keyboard happened in February 2017, only a day after I’d finished the first draft of Farmer’s Daughter Threesome (I remember it clearly because I’d been writing in the evenings, while away on a work trip). A lot of those early words were later deleted, or shifted about. I remember they included the first Melissa-at-work scene, but longer than it is in the final version.

I left the draft at that point, while I went back to revise Farmer’s Daughter Threesome. I was doing nothing more than tinkering with the text right through until I’d done the compiling work for Collected Stories, which was around the end of May. I returned to A Bit of Rough properly, with a sense of wanting to get on with it, in June. Once I got the opening right, the rest of Part 1 came quickly. At this point I faced a big decision. I really liked Part 1, and the sexual tension I’d created between Danny and Melissa. As I’d written it, Danny was going to leave Melissa’s life, and she’d have to search for a replacement for him over the rest of the story. I’d already made a start on Part 2, but it felt like there was another, different, story I could write – one about Danny and Melissa.

In the end, I went with my original plan, to use Danny as a catalyst, rather than an end point of the story, but it took me a while to settle on that choice, and it wasn’t easy. What decided me wasn’t the idea that the final version is ‘better’ than the alternative, but the knowledge that I can write both – I now know that I want to write the story of a young woman choosing the ‘wrong’ man, and staying loyal to him, despite the obstacles placed in front of her. I left Danny mysterious in A Bit of Rough – but in this alternative story, the reasons he can’t stay with Melissa would be fleshed out, and they’d be more complex than the ones I first imagined as I wrote the original scenes.

So, having abandoned my ‘alternative’ book, I stuck to the original plan (but I’m determined to follow my thoughts down the other fork in the road, and write both). Melissa met Carl, and learned about what she wants, but chickened out, and went with Jeremy, then retreated into a world where she did nothing as the choices overwhelmed her. Now I was in a position where I could break the impasse by introducing my original ideas – a plumber who Melissa can’t resist when he comes to fix a problem with her house. This bit was easy, and fun to write – the crisis, a spa bath developing a leak while being used, and flooding the kitchen, is an event from my own life, and it slotted into the story nicely. The real-life plumber was a ferrety little man with a rolled-up cigarette hanging out of his mouth, but that didn’t matter!

What did matter was that having put Melissa in a situation where she has sex with a visiting tradesman, it couldn’t be the beginning of it happening repeatedly, as I’d originally imagined. It was too porn-y, and wouldn’t fit the character of Melissa as I’d written her – even if she wasn’t consciously aware of it, she was searching for more than sex. The solution was to do it once more, and make it the deliberate act I’d first imagined (she calls a roofer, even though nothing is wrong with her roof), but for it to not work out as she hoped it would. The resulting scene is sexy, but scarey too – Melissa has gone too far, and she knows it.

From this point, I was into new territory. I’d developed my characters (but abandoned all of them except Melissa) and used the scenes I’d first imagined when the story was emerging in my mind. Now, finally, I was writing a love story, helping Melissa find the man who reconciled all her disparate needs in one place. Also, and helping me bring the story full circle, Melissa was making a choice, and defying her friends and family, choosing the man she knew they would disapprove of. Possibly I made it too easy for her, but the ending was satisfying to write, and I’m glad it took the path it did. At the same time, I’m curious to follow the other path now, the one where the ‘right’ man arrives early on, but my character has to fight to keep him!

All this writing took place over July and August, working a fairly brisk pace (usually a couple of thousand words in the afternoon, with the mornings revising the previous day’s work). Once I found a betareader I left the first draft alone in September until I was ready for the final push. The book came out on the 29th September. The rest is history – is there anything else left to say? If there’s something I haven’t said, feel free to ask. I’m going to add a final note – the characters are all completely fictional – I haven’t ‘borrowed’ anybody from real life, apart from in a very generic way – some of the characters (the wealthier ones especially) remind me of people I’ve met, but I’ve borrowed characteristics rather than personalities or specific physical features. Other than that, the story was motivated by the situation I’d created, and making the characters react to it, growing as they did so. It is a planned novel, but one where the plan let the characters move around within it, and one where the plan evolved as the characters did. The result is something I’m very proud of, but also a launchpad for future projects.

Glimpses of reality

I write erotica. It is fantasy, intended to arouse and amuse. I try to make it feel real, but it is not autobiographical. Sometimes the fantasies are suggested to me – for instance Penny Meets the Neighbors has its origins in a request from a real-life couple (who are swingers) to write a story in which they feature, and which mixes their real and fantasy lives.

That said, every so often, there are glimpses of reality in my my stories – events which I have used, often heavily filtered, from my own life. The most obvious of these is Farmer’s Daughter Threesome. The summer job the male character Mike has, is drawn from my own life. I really did spend a summer working on a farm (but I was 18 not 20), and I did spend part of it painting a large barn. The farmer’s daughter really did spend all summer teasing me (including about the fact I had turned my underwear pink in the wash!). More than that, the events leading up to the ‘sexy’ parts of the story are true – there really was a day when the farmer’s daughter and her friend spent the afternoon sampling her fathers drinks cabinet, and when I came in from work, they did try to pull my pants down to see what color my underwear was.

So the basis of the story, right up to the beginning of the sex, is almost entirely true. In reality though, things get less exciting from that point on. We were all younger than in the story, and I’m sure none of us would have known what to do in a threesome (I was an 18 year old virgin, the girls would have been 15 or 16). And we’ll never know anyway – right at that moment, as they were tugging at my pants, we heard the farmer’s car pull up in the driveway! So the rest of the story is pure fantasy!

Meaningless Masturbation? is heavily based on my time as a student. It channels my sexual frustration of the time more than anything, and there are bits of me in Josh. On a couple of occasions I shared a house with a female student, in similar circumstances to Josh and Ellie in the story. I cannot deny that I was attracted to my housemates, but unlike in the story, nothing ever came of that attraction. One of those housemates (the one Ellie is most strongly based on) had a boyfriend in another town, like Ellie does in the story. The difference (which one day might make a story in its own right!) is that the real-life housemate and her boyfriend were quite seriously into BDSM. They attended fetish clubs and, at his house, hosted BDSM parties. She never told me what she did at these parties (although I did see a couple of photos), but she was quite open about what she saw other people get up to. Sadly, vague suggestions that I should attend a party never came to anything.

The reality in 1, Coverlid Place is different, in that the story was researched following a suggestion. I corresponded for a while with a real-life Jade, who told me that gloryholes and adult cinemas were a fetish of hers she’d like to see in a story, with her as the main character. I knew of the existence of places such as the Club X that features in the story, but they’re not somewhere I’ve ever frequented. Instead, when the opportunity arose, I went there deliberately, with the aim of researching the story. If you strip out all the sex, and compress Jade’s visits into one, you can very clearly ‘see’ me entering and exploring the Club X, starting downstairs with the peepshow booths, and heading upstairs to where the shop area was, and finally into the cinema. Jade’s fumbling exploration, and her reactions, are largely my own. Obviously, the sex is all fantasy! One final point about 1, Coverlid Place. The story is set in a real adult cinema, or at least it was – a few months after my research visit it closed down. It now, apparently, has been converted into a Chinese restaurant. I wonder if any of the diners know exactly what used to happen where they are currently sitting?

I’ll talk about A Bit of Rough in another post. The reality in that story is different again – it is scattered events and characters, rather than something I can point to easily. I’ll focus more on the process of writing it, and how it came to end up as it did. That’s for another time though!

All the best,


A Bit of Rough – Out Now!

Rough_promo - Copy

Get it on: Amazon US

Get it on: Amazon UK

This is my new, novel length (77,000 word) erotic romance! I’m really proud of it, so please check it out. The sex scenes (and there are many) are some of my best…

“A talent for writing outstanding sex scenes.” (Jaye Elise, author of Mastering his Captive)

The attraction was instant. As soon as Melissa saw the builder working on her house, her body ached for him. More than that—she wanted to be his, his to use any way he chose. He was so different to everything her sheltered upper class background had exposed her to—rough and strong, powerful and manly. Melissa would have done anything for him, anything he asked.

He knew she was there for the taking, and when the opportunity came, he made her his. He was the perfect lover, better than anything Melissa had ever experienced—he took her to a whole new world of sexual ecstasy, over and over again. But the thrills he provided went beyond anything the inexperienced Melissa had ever known. He was powerful and rough, and had the skill to push her body to levels of pleasure she’d never imagined possible.

Despite this, how could Melissa fight her upbringing? Her friends, her family, they all expect her to marry someone sensible, someone conventional—someone like Jeremy, the rich but dull lawyer everyone thinks will be perfect for her. After experiencing what sex can really be like, the heights of arousal a real man can take her body to, nothing less will be enough for Melissa. She tries with Jeremy, she really does, but it isn’t the same. When the work on her house is over, and the builder has gone, Melissa is left alone. She knows she cannot live anymore without experiencing the ecstasy she has just discovered. A new life has started…

A Bit of Rough is the story of a young woman on a journey of sexual discovery, looking for love, driven by lust. Along the way she meets a cast of good looking men eager to give her what she craves. Each encounter is a stepping stone, taking her closer to where she needs to be. Melissa’s quest takes her on a voyage of self-discovery—sexual ecstasy, the arousal of submitting to her lover, the thrill of being blindfolded and spanked, the dangers of losing control, the joy of falling in love. Along the way she learns what she truly wants, what she truly needs, and learns how to balance her lust for A Bit of Rough with her yearning for love. Armed with her new knowledge, how will she find the perfect man?

With vivid, imaginative and seriously hot sex scenes from beginning to end, A Bit of Rough is the perfect combination of sexy erotica and gloriously hot romance…


It’s kind of hard, being an erotica writer, writing under a pseudonym. There’s a ton of stuff I’d love to share, about what I’m up to, my travels, my life, all the things I’ve seen and done. The trouble is of course, the greater the detail I provide, the closer I come to losing the anonymity of a pseudonym, so I end up saying very little, or most of the time nothing at all. Related to that is my need to feel like anything I say is worth saying. I use Twitter now, but find it difficult to share every random thought that comes into my head. On writer’s forums, I’d love to join in the conversation, but I hold back, wondering if what I have to say needs an audience. I guess it’s just me, and the nature of being naturally an introvert by nature – good for sitting at my desk writing, less good for going out and selling myself!

All that said, I was thinking, the other day, about how I came to writing, and how the pathway I took has influenced my storytelling. I had been praised (by Jaye Elise, who had kindly agreed to read my Work in Progress) for the way I write sex scenes – with an eye for the detail, but without letting things get bogged down. It is of course very nice to hear someone say flattering things about me, so I accepted the compliment gratefully!

One of the mistakes I made with my early forays into erotica was to think it is essentially writing sex. It is, in the sense that the sex scenes have to be hot, but it isn’t in that it is really just storytelling, just like any other fiction. If you can’t wrap your sex scenes in a plot of some kind, good enough to drag the reader along, and if the sex isn’t between characters the reader wants to see together, then ultimately, the erotica will fail (or be less successful).

I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I started out writing sex scenes, rather than stories, because the first things I wrote were in emails, designed to entertain, or seduce, or arouse, whoever happened to be my lover (or prospective lover) at the time. More than that, because I grew up in the cellphone age, the very first sex scenes I wrote were in text messages! In both cases, I was writing sex, and writing sex to arouse, and had to learn to focus on the details, and how to compress them, highlighting some things, glossing over others. It was the positive responses to my ability to “write sex” that got me into thinking about writing erotica.

There are (or were) two drawbacks to this approach to learning to write erotica. Firstly, in an email or text message, the characters are usually called “I” and “You”. That’s great when it is two people who know each other, not so good for writing for a wider audience. My first job was to learn about point of view, and work out when I should be using first person, or where third person would give a better story. Secondly, if you already know someone, then there is no need to create much of a plot – there is no particular need to ‘engineer’ people into bed – they’re already there. So I had to learn about storytelling, and pacing an entire story, not just a sex scene.

So I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning. My work has its strong points, and areas where I can improve. The stories I’ve put up for sale are all things that I’ve thought of as being milestones – I can see the improvements as I write more, and I can see how I’m getting better as a storyteller. Of course, I’ll always want to strive to get better, and be the best writer I possibly can be, but it is interesting to look over my shoulder, and see where I’ve come from.


A Bit of Rough

The last couple of months have been a busy block of writing. I’ve been really productive, and have now finished the first draft of my new story, A Bit of Rough. When I say ‘story’ I mean ‘novel’ – it is 74,000 words long! I’m taking a week away from it, then going to edit it. If you’re reading this, and interested in getting a sneak peak, via acting as a betareader, let me know. (What I’d be looking for is ‘looking through a reader’s eyes’ rather than technical editing).

Rough_promo - Copy


New cover art!

I’ve been updating some of my cover art. I think the new covers look really classy so hopefully they’ll help draw attention to my books 😉 I’d love to know what people think.

BothBooks_Promo - Copy

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