New story coming soon

I’ve had a secret project for the last few months – I’ve been writing a story by email installments for ‘Erica’, letting her tastes and demands drive the narrative. This has taken my writing into places I wouldn’t normally go , but it has been a fun challenge keeping up with Erica’s desires. The email version of Erica’s story was getting to be close to 20,000 words, and with a massive edit to turn it into a third person story, and the addition of some new material to improve the narrative flow, it is now over 26,000 words long, and still going.

About 19,000 words of the story are almost ready to be released, in two installments (so technically, there are two new stories coming!) A third installment is a little further away but will probably be ready by March. It is possible that more installments could follow on after that as well…

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