Collected Stories Volume 1

Stories1 - Copy

This collection includes 1, Coverlid Place, Farmer’s Daughter Threesome, Meaningless Masturbation, Vibe Time and Horny Mandy.

A MILF becomes a gloryhole queen, then takes on four men simultaneously in an adult cinema! A young man’s dream summer job – a threesome with the 18 year old farmer’s daughter and her best friend! Frustrated university students watch each other masturbate, then masturbate together, and slowly fall for each other! A busty nymphomaniac describes her encounters with men, women, and MFF, MFM and FFF threesomes! A housewife dreams of her ideal dirty encounter while buzzing away her frustrations!

All of these stories have been available individually, with the exception of Vibe Time, which is exclusive to this collection. Buy it here

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