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This is my new, novel length (77,000 word) erotic romance! I’m really proud of it, so please check it out. The sex scenes (and there are many) are some of my best…

“A talent for writing outstanding sex scenes.” (Jaye Elise, author of Mastering his Captive)

The attraction was instant. As soon as Melissa saw the builder working on her house, her body ached for him. More than that—she wanted to be his, his to use any way he chose. He was so different to everything her sheltered upper class background had exposed her to—rough and strong, powerful and manly. Melissa would have done anything for him, anything he asked.

He knew she was there for the taking, and when the opportunity came, he made her his. He was the perfect lover, better than anything Melissa had ever experienced—he took her to a whole new world of sexual ecstasy, over and over again. But the thrills he provided went beyond anything the inexperienced Melissa had ever known. He was powerful and rough, and had the skill to push her body to levels of pleasure she’d never imagined possible.

Despite this, how could Melissa fight her upbringing? Her friends, her family, they all expect her to marry someone sensible, someone conventional—someone like Jeremy, the rich but dull lawyer everyone thinks will be perfect for her. After experiencing what sex can really be like, the heights of arousal a real man can take her body to, nothing less will be enough for Melissa. She tries with Jeremy, she really does, but it isn’t the same. When the work on her house is over, and the builder has gone, Melissa is left alone. She knows she cannot live anymore without experiencing the ecstasy she has just discovered. A new life has started…

A Bit of Rough is the story of a young woman on a journey of sexual discovery, looking for love, driven by lust. Along the way she meets a cast of good looking men eager to give her what she craves. Each encounter is a stepping stone, taking her closer to where she needs to be. Melissa’s quest takes her on a voyage of self-discovery—sexual ecstasy, the arousal of submitting to her lover, the thrill of being blindfolded and spanked, the dangers of losing control, the joy of falling in love. Along the way she learns what she truly wants, what she truly needs, and learns how to balance her lust for A Bit of Rough with her yearning for love. Armed with her new knowledge, how will she find the perfect man?

With vivid, imaginative and seriously hot sex scenes from beginning to end, A Bit of Rough is the perfect combination of sexy erotica and gloriously hot romance…

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