About bloody time!

I haven’t touched this blog for so long! All the usual reasons – a busy period with my day job, a spell of nothing much happening and feeling like writing about it, then a spell knuckling down to a new project.

The project is one of those things that went from being a cute idea, to a short story, to a plan for a novella, to something that is finally beginning to settle down into being another novel. The trouble is, it really isn’t a Philip Mitchell Stein book and I am almost certainly going to publish it under a different pen name (and not cross-promote between the two names).

So in terms of new material under this pen name, the early months of 2018 weren’t looking good. That has changed slightly now, following a conversation with fellow erotica writers Wednesday Noir and Olivia Moore, on Twitter. The topic was how using real-life events as the basis of stories was often surprisingly difficult. Short answer, it usually is, because even if the events themselves are interesting, real-life never has the neat endings a story has.

Wednesday and Olivia did however say that one incident in my life was naturally erotic, and would make the basis of a good story. Suitably inspired, I got stuck in! The result is a new short story, An American Affair. It takes the form of a memoir, and to be fair, it is only very slightly fictionalised. It’s a nice piece of writing though, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s available exclusively on Amazon for the moment (I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited). Find it here: getbook.at/AmericanAffairAffair - Copy

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