New Year,New Story

Happy (slightly belated) New Year! As ever, the intervals between posting anything to this site have been far too long. As usual, I have to blame the pressure of my day-job, which has kept me away from writing, and by extension, kept me away from having anything to say about my writing. The good news is that although I’ve only been writing very slowly, enough time has passed for the 50 or 100 words a day to add up to a real, complete story.

So what is it? It’s called The Other Side of Town, and it is a drift away from erotic romance into something that is very definitely erotica. I came up with a mood – Lisa, angry because she hated her boyfriend and the too-rich, too drugged-up social scene he represented. Angry too because she’d caught him with her best friend, fucking at a party. Once I got the mood, and the destination – a bar on “the other side of town” – the rest was all about deciding who the other protagonists were going to be. The end result has sex with a powerful, dominant biker in a back room at the bar, a cute barman Lisa can’t get out of her mind, some exhibitionism, and a “Part Two” where Lisa’s fascination with the barman is resolved (along with some more super-hot sex!)

The approach is all about being right in Lisa’s head, experiencing things as she sees them, processing them with her. The sex scenes are long and detailed. Lisa likes Nate and has to give him something she didn’t give the biker – you’re free to guess what that might be 😉

If you’re interested, it’s on Amazon for just 99 cents/99 pence. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Here’s a universal Amazon link to get you there:

other_small - copy

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