Coming Soon!

I’ve been busy for the past few weeks, frantically working on a new story. After a big push last week I finished it on Friday! I’ve already done a lot of the editing work, but I’m going to take a short break from it, then do a full edit – so expect to see it soon!

It’s novella length (over 30,000 words) and it’s going to be called The Captured Warrior. It’s my first ever fantasy erotica! I haven’t included a lot of high fantasy elements (so no magic, no elves), but there is the occasional reference to dragons (this story very much has the potential for sequels though, so let’s wait and see!)

Kink wise, it’s a harem/menage story, with lots of FFM scenes. It’s set in an world with two Kingdoms at war with each other (Amrit and Ursur). The captured warrior is from Ursur, and he’s been brought back to the royal palace of Amrit, where the Queen is ruling while the King is away at war.

The Queen recognizes that the warrior is high born, and likely to have knowledge useful to the King. She keeps him alive and waits for the King to return. During the wait, the warrior’s physical attractions become increasingly tempting, but the restrictive rules the Queen is bound by means she cannot sleep with any man except the King, on pain of death.

Faced with the temptation presented by the warrior, the Queen searches for loopholes in the rules…

There are two: firstly, there is nothing stopping her from watching the warrior sleep with women from the royal harem. Knowing this, she brings two of the finest maidens to the warrior. Secondly, there is no rule prohibiting her from sleeping with women – only men are off limits. She can at least be close to the warrior as he takes the maidens!

Of course, when it is the warrior she is so attracted to, none of these loopholes give her what she truly desires. Her only option is to break the rules!

Of course, this has consequences. The story becomes an adventure, as the Queen sets about breaking free of the restrictions placed upon her.

Warrior - Copy

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