Collected Stories Volume 2: Coming Soon!

My second collection of stories is out on the 14th November! It contains The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town, and Islands. That’s four of the stories that I’m especially proud of, all together in the same collection. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon here: – it’s $2.99 at the moment, the same price as just one of these stories bought individually. I’ll be raising the price to $3.99 once it’s properly available. It’s also available to pre-order on Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo etc. Smashwords doesn’t allow pre-release purchases but it’ll be available there from the 14th November.

Here’s the blurb:

The second collection of stories by Philip Mitchell Stein!

Collected Stories Volume 2 includes four hot, steamy erotic stories that have previously been available individually: The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town, and Islands. Also included is a new three-thousand word short story exclusive to this volume!

The Sin of Love in set in London in 1948. It tells the story of Rose, a young war-widow with a troubled past, and Father Joe Martin, a naïve young priest who doesn’t understand how lonely he is. Their romance is sensual and moving, but their sex is steamy and smoking hot! They know they’re causing a scandal but they just don’t care. Eventually they have to decide, is it the sin of lust they’re committing, or the sin of love?

In An American Affair a young Englishman is seduced by a married, American woman. Their affair starts of as something driven by pure lust, but soon their desire for each other is intense, urgent, and far more complicated. The result is a vivid, deeply erotic story that will arouse you and move you, all at the same time.

Lisa had caught her boyfriend and best friend in bed together. Sick of the over-entitled losers her scene seemed to be full of, she went looking for something new, something edgy and dangerous that’d give her a shock to the system and make her feel alive. She goes to a bar on The Other Side of Town. Nate, the cute barman is interesting, but it is Colt, a powerful biker who demands her immediate attention. Having sex with Colt is thrilling. Knowing Nate is secretly watching makes it even more exciting! That’s only the beginning… She knows there’s a chemistry between her and Nate. She goes back…

Islands is about Marcus, a rich businessman from London, wealthy enough to own a house on a beautiful Greek island as a private hideaway. He’s devastated by the loss of his wife in a car accident and doesn’t want to face the world. All that changes when the old woman who looks after his house breaks her leg and sends her daughter, Callie in her place. Despite their growing chemistry, she finds it impossible to break through his shell. It takes events that shock her to the core for things to change…

The stories in Collected Stories Volume 2 are sensual, moving and beautiful. But they’re also deliciously explicit, with graphic, smoking hot sex scenes throughout! They’re only suitable for readers aged 18 and over.

Collected2_alt - Copy

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