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First off, the “newest” news is that I’ve just released a new story, Summer Heat: Her Best Friend’s Dad – an (interracial) older man/younger woman hot illicit-sex story. It’s available on Amazon, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I think it’s pretty hot 🙂

Summer - Copy    Collected2_alt - Copy

While I’m making announcements, I should probably tidy up after myself and put in a link to Collected Stories Volume 2, which is something I neglected to do when it came out. (It came out on October 25, so that makes me officially awful at updating my website/marketing, I guess!) The link above is to the Amazon site, but this book (and all the individual stories in it) are also available on Smashwords and Apple and Barnes & Noble, etc. The four stories in Collected Stories Volume 2 (The Sin of Love, An American Affair, The Other Side of Town and Islands) are the ones I’d count as my personal favorites, so if you haven’t read these stories yet, getting them all together, bundled in Collected Stories Volumes 2 is definitely the way to go.

While I’m here, I thought I’d quickly chat about what I hope to do over the coming year. My last three releases (Poolside Threesome, The Captured Warrior and Summer Heat) pretty much set the tone of what I expect to be doing in the near future. My big ‘learning’ from last year was that I sell lots more books if I put the word threesome in the title or description! I enjoyed writing (and absolutely love) the stories I wrote over 2o18/2019, but sales-wise they did nothing like as well (The Other Side of Town and Islands especially). So, much as I’d like to keep on writing that kind of thing, I’m going to take a break from the ’emotional’ for a little while (I’m sure, eventually I’ll go back to that kind of story, just not quite yet). I also intend to leave everything I write from now on in Kindle Unlimited for much longer, and keep the stories as stand-alones rather than bundling them up.

I’ve got a pile of story ideas, and they’re all along the lines of the three most recent ones – i.e. very hot and sexy!

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