New Book, New Series!

I’ve released the first instalment in my new series! The Threesome is Just the Beginning is Book 1 in the “Seduced into Sharing” series.

You can find it here: (this is a universal Amazon link, it should take you to the correct Amazon page for whatever territory you’re in).

And here’s the Amazon blurb:

Holly and Nick’s sex life is as vanilla as it gets. A couple since the first term of university and married straight after, they’d never slept with anyone else or done anything remotely kinky. Amber, the American exchange student staying with them for a year, couldn’t be any more different—when Holly and Nick compare Amber’s headboard banging sex life and string of boyfriends with their own staid, conservative habits, they feel like a pair of old-fuddy-duddies, even though they’re only ten years older than her.

The morning Amber’s partner from the night before comes into the kitchen and turns out to be a girl, rather than a man, changes everything. Suddenly Holly becomes aware of how constrained by convention her life has been, how many secret desires she’s been repressing. When she admits her confusion to Amber, new possibilities arise. But how does she reconcile her desire for experimentation with the genuine love she shares with Nick? Amber thinks she has the perfect solution!

Once she’s persuaded them to overcome their inhibitions, the first step into Holly and Nick’s new life is a hot FFM threesome! Holly gets to experience lesbian sex. Nick gets a taste of being spoiled by two eager women at once. And when all three of them join in the action, everybody ends up satisfied!

But the threesome is just the beginning…

This is the first instalment in the Seduced into Sharing series. Holly and Nick’s journey of sexual discovery is about to get a lot more adventurous! A life of swinging and sharing awaits!

The Threesome is Just the Beginning contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is intended for mature readers aged 18 and over only.Sharing1

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