Seduced into Sharing Book 2 Out Now!

Book 2 in the Seduced into Sharing series is out now!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Holly and Nick’s sex life used to be as vanilla as it was possible to get. But after Amber, the American exchange student staying with them for a year, convinces them to try their first ever threesome, Holly and Nick’s previously bland lifestyle is transformed! The night of sexual bliss they shared with Amber opened their eyes to everything they’d been missing out on for so long. Of course, what Amber already knows is that their first threesome is just the first step in all this—there’s a whole world of sexual adventures out there, waiting be discovered!

At first, Holly and Nick are happy to simply make the most of their reenergized sex life. But when Holly learns that some of Amber’s previous threesomes were MFM and involved anal sex, she’s intrigued by what she hears. For the old Holly, anal would have been completely off-limits—it’s not something she’s ever considered trying before. But eventually, after a visit to a sex shop and some exploration with a butt plug, Amber convinces Holly anal is something she’s got to experience. So another threesome is on the cards, but this one is way more adventurous than the first!

In this second instalment in the Seduced into Sharing series, Holly is about to discover the world of sex toys, go further in her exploration of lesbian sex, and discover that Amber was right about how amazing anal sex is!

But the best thing is that every new discovery Holly and Nick make leads to another one. Their sex life is heading places they’d never even dreamed of. Things are going to get a whole lot wilder yet!

And here’s a link to the Amazon page:

Sharing2 - Copy

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