Seduced into Sharing Book 3: Out Now!

When the Threesome Becomes a Foursome

Book 3 in the Seduced into Sharing series is out now. This time Holly and Luke invite Amber’s friend Luke to join them: Holly is about to try her first double penetration!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Holly and Nick love their exciting new sex life! After their second threesome with Amber, and their introduction to anal sex, they’re determined not to slip back into their old, vanilla habits. But Amber continues to introduce them to new ideas. Now Holly has tried anal, Amber tells her about something even more extreme—sex with two men at the same time—a double penetration. Even more shockingly, Amber suggests inviting her friend Luke to join them in the bedroom so Holly can try it for herself.

Is this a step too far? At first, Nick thinks so, and it takes all of Holly and Amber’s powers of persuasion to convince him they should try it. When they do though, a night of foursome fun is on the cards! By the end of it, Nick has watched Holly have sex with another man for the first time ever, and together, they’ve enjoyed their first MFM and MFFM action.

This is the third instalment in the Seduced into Sharing series and Holly and Nick’s journey of sexual discovery has reached a whole new level of adventurousness! Their life of swinging and sharing is about to begin!

Here’s a link to the Amazon page:


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