Worth the wait!

I can finally announce that my next story is coming soon! In my last update I mentioned that I was working on The Threesome Agreement, which I said would be in the vein of stories like Poolside Threesome (i.e. pure erotica, with a focus on hot sex) and “short”. I also said it would be out in late January…

The Threesome Agreement is now properly imminent – it took a little longer than expected because it turns out it’s a 30,000 word novella! I really like what I’ve done though, and the extra words help make it super hot. I wanted it to be something that was fun to write (as much as writing 30,000 words over two months can be fun), and a ‘minimal set up’ story, one where the characters get it on without lots of agonizing beforehand. It is, but setting up the situation where that happens in a way I liked still required a bit of work! I also originally had in the back of my mind the idea that it would mirror the development of a porn scene in the way that it was set up. That’s maybe less obvious in the finished product (not counting the epilogue, it features four separate sex scenes, which take place over two mornings and two evenings), but if you squint, you can still kinda see the original intention in there if you look hard enough.

The basic premise is that Alessia, an Italian socialite married to a wealthy, but aging Englishman is no longer getting either the kind of sex life before her marriage (because Edward, her husband isn’t into the things she is), or indeed any sex life (because her husband’s declining health means his sexual prowess has declined to nothing). But Edward still wants Alessia to produce an heir for him. The result is The Threesome Agreement – Alessia gets the sex life she wants, Edward gets the chance of an heir. The twist is that Alessia needs two lovers – how else is she going to get the wild MFM threesomes she loves? And while Edward would prefer if his heir has an English father, she’d like it if the father was Italian. So her lovers are an Italian and an Englishman, and if a child comes, then fate gets to decide their heritage…

That’s it – expect to see it by mid-March (and I mean it this time!)

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