About the new stories! (aka behind the scenes of the new book!)

The new book (Threesomes Foursomes Moresomes Couples Solo) has been out a couple of weeks now, so it’s about time I wrote a few words about it. If you’ve checked it out, you’ll have seen it’s a collection of new stories (i.e. not a bundle of existing stories). The main motivation for producing this, rather than something longer, was that after a difficult spring, I wanted to write something fun and ‘easy’ – by which I mean not a long, complicated epic that’d require a big time commitment or lots of hard thinking. So I set out to write ‘classic’ erotic shorts – a simple set-up followed by a sex scene. This isn’t something I do very often (I do like a good 35,000 word novella!) but 3,000 to 5,000 word shorts are something of a staple in the world of erotica, so I wanted to have a go. I mostly succeeded in keeping to this rule, but not quite!

Of the five stories, the middle three (“Orgy on the Beach”, “Erica’s New Toy”, “Your Generation are so Lucky”) all hit the length requirement I’d originally set myself (they’re each about 5,000 words long), and two of them do indeed consist of a simple set-up followed by a sex scene. Erica’s New Toy is a tiny deviation from the rule – it’s a series of mini scenes rather than one single climatic scene. It’s also the only story in the collection which isn’t strictly brand new – I wrote the first version years ago (but revised it so extensively for this collection that it’s pretty much a new story…) If you haven’t worked it out yet, the Erica in the story is the same Erica as features in the Erica’s Descent excerpt I posted on this site a while ago – Erica’s Descent is the fantasy sex life of the ‘real’ Erica in “Erica’s New Toy” (who is, in turn, based on someone I corresponded with many years ago).

“Your Generation are so Lucky” is an idea I had in my list of “stories I might write one day” ideas file. Beyond the four word scenario (girl seduces girlfriend’s mother) I hadn’t given it much thought, but when I started writing this collection it struck me that without massively expanding the story outline there wasn’t much more to the idea than a single sex scene – in other words, it would fit perfectly. It was actually the last of the five stories I wrote, but because I’d been thinking about as I worked on the others, it came pretty quickly once I started it.

It’s a little harder to say which was the ‘first’ story I finished. As I said earlier, Erica’s New Toy is the oldest, but the revisions that finished it off were done mid-way through the process of creating this book, so technically it wasn’t the first to be finished. The first to be started this year is actually a story that didn’t make the book! I wrote half a page, then parked it, and in the end, decided to save it for another collection, so never returned to it. I think I started “A Threesome, Just Once. Honestly” next but I only got two pages in before I had the idea for “Orgy on the Beach” – which I dreamed up, committed to and finished pretty quickly, making it the first of the 100 percent brand new stories to be written for this collection.

I think I wrote a few more pages of “A Threesome, Just Once. Honestly” next, but before I really got stuck into it I switched to “Lady Cecily Solves a Problem”, which again, once I started, I stuck with until it was finished. Both these stories are about 9,500 words long, and I have to admit, once I realized they were as long as they are, I debated for a while about whether I should be releasing them as standalones – they’re both longer than An American Affair, and only a 1,000 words or so shorter than Farmer’s Daughter Threesome and Meaningless Masturbation? But by this stage, I’d got the idea of a collection firmly lodged in my head and I decided I was going to stick with the plan…

“Lady Cecily Solves a Problem” is kind of a spin-off from another idea I’ve had in my head this year – a longer story set in a 1920s country house called Hardshaft Hall, a “Dirty Downton”, if you will. I’ve made a couple of false starts on Welcome to Hardshaft Hall, but as I said right at the start, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to work on a long project earlier this year, so I parked it. I had dreamed up Lady Cecily though, and there’s one particular scene with her that will feature her (and Joe the stableboy and Robbie the chauffer) very early in Welcome to Hardshaft Hall if it ever gets written. So the germs of “Lady Cecily Solves a Problem” were already knocking around in my head, even before I began this particular book. I’m not quite sure where the idea for exact plot of “Lady Cecily Solves a Problem” came from, but once it did, it seemed like an obvious prequel to the events I’d already sketched out for Welcome to Hardshaft Hall – once I started writing, the story fell into place naturally (one thing I did know from the outset was that by the end of the story, Lady Cecily had to be a fan of anal sex!). The fact Lady Cecily might be a recurring character is of course, why I’m so keen to find out what people thought of “Lady Cecily Solves a Problem” – I’m interested to learn whether my Hardshaft Hall idea is worth following up on!

That leaves “A Threesome, Just Once. Honestly” – which, in my head, is meant to be in the same vein as the Seduced into Sharing books – a ‘realistic couple’ threesome story. Sure, they’re girlfriend/boyfriend rather than a married couple, and the scenario isn’t identical – but I didn’t want it to be, I don’t want to write the same story over and over again! Even so, it’s definitely in the same general area, which is why I put it as the opening story in the collection – I was hoping that it would lure in readers who’d liked Seduced into Sharing

The only other thing to add is that it took me a while to decide how many stories to include in the collection. As I mentioned, I had half a page of a sixth story, and there were notes for several more. I dithered for a long time about whether to make it five, six, eight, or maybe even ten. In the end, it was the ‘what do I call the book?’ question that solved the dilemma. Once I started playing around with the “threesomes, foursomes, moresomes” idea, I quickly realized I could do one of each (so story six was put to one side because it was going to be another threesome…) all I had to do then was add on the “couples solo” bit to accommodate “Your Generation Are So Lucky” and “Erica’s New Toy”, and I had both a title and a themed collection to match! And there you have it – Threesomes Foursomes Moresomes Couples Solo: Five Erotic Stories!

You can find Threesomes Foursomes Moresomes Couples Solo here: getbook.at/5EroticStories (this is a universal Amazon link, it should take you to the correct Amazon store for your country). If you haven’t already checked it out, please do!

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