Progress on the next book!

I’m far enough into my next story I can now confidently say it’ll definitely be the one I publish next, and it won’t be too far away (late April possibly? Maybe sometime in May?). Unless I have a last minute change of mind, it’ll be called Teaching Temptation. It’ll be a “couple” story – I’ve had a run of threesome/foursome stories lately, and I fancied a change! If I had to compare it to something I’ve already written, I guess it’s kinda in the same vein as The Other Side of Town. To give you an idea of the plot, a young teacher (just starting the second year of her career, working in a conservative school in a conservative town), runs into a student who graduated from last year’s class, who’s now working as a mechanic – he fixes her car, and chemistry (and hot sex, etc.) ensues… If you want to find out the rest, you’ll have to read the book!

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