Does the world need a “Penny Meets the Neighbors” sequel?

Now The Threesome Agreement is out (go read it, it’s hot!) I’m thinking about my next project. I’ll start it properly in a week or so (the day job is getting in the way right now), but in the meantime I’m weighing the merits of various story ideas in my head.

One idea – an old one – is a sequel to Penny Meets the Neighbors. I planned one several years ago and even have a few chapters written, but it got put on the backburner and until now, I’d mentally consigned it to history. Is this the project I should pick up? Does the world need (or want?!) more of Penny’s adventures?

One thought on “Does the world need a “Penny Meets the Neighbors” sequel?

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  1. The more Penny the better as the original had both a depth to the character and the scenes were arousing and enjoyable. I found the original on Smashwords and then the link led me here and hope you decide to add to the tale.


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