It’s been ages since I posted here, so I thought it was time I gave you a quick update. Real life has been less than perfect recently (lots of stressful stuff going on), so I’ve been a lot less productive than I’d have liked.

My strategy to try and write something was to have several shorter ideas on the go – committing to a 30,000 word (or more) project wasn’t something I felt I could do. Even that proved tricky, but gradually, I’ve managed to get some words on the page. Also, fortunately, the real-life stuff has gradually got less trying, so my productivity has had an uptick too.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to have a new story ready next week or anything, but it does mean I’ve got a handful of short stories in various stages of production. The more finished ones seem to me to be too short to publish as standalones (they’re about 5,000 words), but I’m going to try and get a bunch of them ready to release as a collection as soon as I can – sometime during the summer hopefully!

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