Free eBooks!

I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I took part in the All the Filthy Details erotica-ebook advent calendar this year – which is to say my story Farmer’s Daughter Threesome was free on December 2nd, and books by other erotica authers were free from the 1st to the 24th, all promoted by Literally Lovesick and their podcast. Sorry for not posting this at the time!

To make up for my negligence, here’s some good news – all (or most, I’m not quite sure) of the authors involved in the advent calendar have made a book free on Amazon on the 30th and 31st December! In most cases, it’s the book that was given away for the calendar, but not always: I found that by going early in the calendar, I had fewer downloads of the free copy of Farmer’s Daughter Threesome, but I made quite a few sales of the book over the next couple of weeks, and a lot of people read it in Kindle Unlimited. So, because I don’t want to rip those people off, I’ve chosen to make The Threesome is Just the Beginning (Book 1 of the Seduced into Sharing series) free on the 30th and 31st instead.

How to find the free books? Well, you can go straight to the Amazon page for The Threesome is Just the Beginning by clicking here. Alternatively you can find a landing page with links to all the books involved in the promotion here (kindly provided by the erotica author Kristin Lance).

Finally! I should also have already pointed out that my book Penny Meets the Neighbors is currently (until 1st January) in the Smashwords end-of-year sale, with a 50% discount (so it’s just $1.49). You can find it here!

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