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My sales/Kindle Unlimited reads/usage stats for this website tell me I’m getting a decent number of ‘new’ readers right now, which is exactly the sort of thing a weary author needs to cheer him through the winter đŸ™‚

If you’re here looking for news of productivity on my part and progress on new books, then I have kinda good tidings – I’ve been flat out with the day job since Christmas, but things are easing up and I hope to have something new out in the spring.

You might though be here because you’re wondering what else I’ve written that’s worth reading and are scanning this site looking for a few clues. The smart-ass answer is of course, “Everything I’ve written is worth reading,” but chances are you discovered my books through The Threesome is Just the Beginning and the Seduced into Sharing series in general. What you want to know is how the rest of my books stack up against the sexual adventures of Holly, Nick, and Amber. With the caveat that this is based on my opinion, obviously, that’s what this post is for – I’m going to guide you through the highlights of my backlist.

OK. If you liked Seduced in the Sharing, you either love all things threesome and group-sex, or it was specifically the wife swapping/hotwife/swinging angles you’re after. Either way, the book you’re least likely to have come across is my novel (yes, a proper 64,000 word novel) Penny Meets the Neigbors. It features the whole ‘seduced into a world of lesbian sex and swinging’ thing, and is, frankly, packed full of hot sex. You’re unlikely to have heard of it because it isn’t on Amazon – it’s only available on Smashwords. There’s a couple of sister-getting-it-on-with-sister scenes, which means Amazon won’t publish it. You’re either into that, or you’re not, but if you are, it’s well worth checking out. My other ‘proper’ novel is A Bit of Rough. No groupsex, but it does have the ‘nice girl discovering just how much she likes sex’ angle, and as the character Melissa gets drawn deeper and deeper into her desires, it features a lot of hot action, so again, even if you initially skimmed over it in my list of books, it’s well worth a proper look.

Let’s say it’s threesomes/foursomes you’re into, but want something a little shorter than a full novel (I’m talking 20,000 to 35,000 word novellas here). I’ve got you covered. The first one ‘m going to point you in the direction of the one you’re most likely to miss – The Captured Warrier. Don’t get hung up on the whole ‘erotic fantasy’ thing – it’s mostly about a queen and her handmaidens getting it on with the captured warrior of the title in a series of elaborate threesomes (the queen isn’t meant to partake, so at first she has to watch, but she figures out a way of getting round that rule). It was lots of fun to write and lots of fun to read! The plot’s pretty good too! On the other hand, Horny Mandy is almost totally devoid of plot, but makes up for it by being a non-stop orgy of sex scenes, ranging from a variety of MF and FF couplings early on to a ton of different threesome scenarios (MFF, FFF, MFM) as the story progresses. The third story in this category is The Threesome Agreement. No surprises here, it’s about a couple who agree that the wife can have threesomes with other men. The setting let me have fun though – a bored Italian woman from a wealthy background, married to a wealthy but elderly Englishman. The threesomes that result from the agreement are, if you like MFM threesomes, well worth the entrance fee!

A lot of my other stories in this length category were written in my ‘classy erotica’ phrase. They’re couple stories with a hint of romance, and for this reason, they get read less than my other books, which always saddens me as I’m really proud of them. Besides, they’re still packed full of smoking hot sex scenes, so if you like my other books you’re still going to find plenty to enjoy in these ones too! Anyway, I love Islands and The Sin of Love, and I reckon a lot of you will too. Also, I should give a specific shout out to The Other Side of Town. Again, it doesn’t get quite as many readers as I think it deserves, but as those who give it a chance soon discover, the sex scenes are outrageously hot… (I’ll add Summer Heat to this category too).

Right, onto my shorter fiction (for me, that mostly means stories around 10,000 to 15,000 words long). There’s plenty of action for Seduced into Sharing fans here. First port of call should be Poolside Threesome, swiftly followed by Farmer’s Daughter Threesome. Then, if something a little extreme is called for, what you need is 1, Coverlid Place, which is set in a real (but since closed down) adult cinema – some early gloryhole scenes are followed by Jade taking on four horny guys in the cinema itself! All three of these stories can be found in the bundle “Shorts“, which is the better value way of buying them. You’ll also get Meaningless Masturbation? (Get past the title and give it a chance, it’s actually one of my best stories), and An American Affair (the reason to read this one is because it’s based on real events from my life – it’s a true story! It’s also very sexy).

Finally, if all the above isn’t enough, there’s my most recent book, Threesomes Foursomes Moresomes Couples Solo – a collection of five stories you won’t find anywhere else. The stories are short (5,000 to 10,000 words) and all the scenarios featured in the title can be found somewhere in the collection.

That’s the end of the run through. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished working your way through these I’ll have something new out for you to read!

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