I’ve been writing!

I went through a busy spell after my last book (Teaching Temptation, which I loved, but which tanked, sales wise – I think it’s as good as everything else I’ve written, readers are apparently less keen to try it – so if you haven’t yet, maybe you should!)

Anyway, because I was busy I didn’t knuckle down to a new project right away. I then spent a ridiculously long time not commiting to various story ideas – due to a mixture of indecision and uncertainty about what I should write (my sales figures tell me I should stick to writing threesome or hotwife erotica, but sometimes/often I want to do something different. And sometimes, it can be tricky, choosing to do that knowing it’ll have fewer readers…)

Eventually though, a new idea came to me, which I figured would be quick and fun, a nice way of distracting myself. It’s already turned into a bigger story than I anticipated and it’s going to be a series opener! And, luckily for (most of my readers), it’s a threesome (and considerably moresome) story!

The series is called The Sex Club, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The only twist is that for the opening parts of the series it’s told through the point of view of two single women who choose to join (as opposed to a married couple, say). As the series progresses there will be plenty of other characters, so it should contain something for everyone! Book 1 will be out soon (before the end of August)!

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