It’s out! The Sex Club Book 1

It was only a couple of days ago that I posted about my progress on this – but now it’s out! The Sex Club Book 1 Taking the Leap is now available to buy/read in Kindle Unlimited! Click here to be taken to the book on Amazon.

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

One night, Jennifer confesses to her friend Chloe that her biggest fantasy is being taken by a whole bunch of guys, one after the other. Four, five, six—she doesn’t know how many she can handle, but she wants to find out! When Chloe points out it’s the kind of fantasy that’s unlikely to ever come true, Jennifer starts thinking about ways of turning it into a reality. Her internet research leads her to Lagneía, a club where anything can happen. A sex club.

An enquiry leads to an invitation—an interview to see if Jennifer and Chloe have what it takes, if they understand what they’re letting themselves in for. Melanie, the owner of the club, wants to know about their sexual experience. Have they tried anal before? Are they into having sex with both men and women? Her conclusion—before they can join, she’ll need to teach them a few things. So, with the help of Travis, head of security at the club, Jennifer and Chloe are given an afternoon of the wildest sex of their lives! Their journey into a new world of sexual hedonism has begun…

The Sex Club Book 1 Taking the Leap contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is intended for mature readers aged 18 and over only.

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